Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Review / August Goals

So much going on, summer is so awesome! I love being able to be outside at 9:00 pm, the weather is still perfect, and it’s quiet. We went to the fair on Saturday and had fun checking out all of the animals, and I wandered the textiles for awhile. There were some very beautiful things. I am tempted to enter next year, there weren’t as many entries as I thought there would be.

I wanted to mention, May Britt is having a blogaversary giveaway. She is a wonderful quilter, and blogs almost daily. I am a loyal reader :) Congratulations on 2 years!

I finished Cindy’s NRR on Sunday night. I have not been able to get photos of it yet. I will soon, it turned out very cute. There is only Von’s left for me to stitch now… I can’t believe we are almost done! I am so excited :D Von’s neighborhood is pretty elaborate, I’m already searching for the perfect cottage.

We are going on vacation in August, so I am posting my goals a little early, can’t wait to relax :)

July Review

Finish Cindy’s NRR and mail to Von *finished it, but will mail first of September*
Start SBEBB Shepherd’s Bush Exchange *finished!*
Work on Baby blanket for Andrea *top is done, need to complete*
Work on bird stitchery *yes*
Work on BBD: Sunflower House *yes*
Work on Old McMary’s *yes*Work on Snapperville *no*
Finish one Carpenter Star quilt *no*
Stitch an ornament *no*

Also finished: Shepherd’s Bush: America Fob, Cowgirl tablerunner, Holly Jolly Christmas quilt

August Goals

Work on bird stitchery
Work on BBD: Sunflower House
Work on Old McMary’s
Work on Snapperville
Stitch an ornament
Start SBEBB Fall House Exchange
Finish one Carpenter’s Star Quilt
Finish Andrea’s baby blanket

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kreativ Blogger

I haven’t worked on much of anything this week… that’s weird. If I’ve thought about working on things, does that count? :D

I have heard from several of my fellow bloggers that they have thought of me for the Kreativ Blogger award. Von, Heather and Sonda were too sweet to do this… You are all SO SO awesome! Thank you :) It is nice to know others enjoy reading about what’s going on in my little world sometimes. Blogging has been rewarding in finding inspiration and friendship for me. So, I am thankful for you thinking of me.

Here are the rules of the award
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.
So I have been thinking who to nominate... it's too hard to choose 5. I have over 100 blogs on my reader and they all inspire me in one way or another. Thank you to those who take the time to blog about what they do, so that I can stay motivated to keep on trying new things :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are heading to the county fair, and I am super excited!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Holly Jolly Quilt Finished!

Wow, another quilt, yay!!!! I started this one quite awhile back, and finally have it finished. I did find the fabric for the binding that I was searching for. I kind of made this quilt up, I used two charm packs, and bought about 6 fat quarters, and a few yards of the border, and white fabric. It's about 70" x 70" square, with red flannel on the back. It is really heavy and thick, so it'll keep us warm through the winter :D I love it!! It's so bright and happy.
I also finished the quilt top for my friend Andrea, she's having a baby in 3 weeks! I had better hurry and finish it :D

We went camping at Fort Stevens this weekend, it's on the Oregon coast just north of Seaside. It was a very fun weekend, and we enjoyed the beach. Even a racoon and deer walked right through our campground :) I hope you all have a nice week! I have some new secret projects to start, I am all excited to do them...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunflower House WIP & Rose Garden :D

This past week was pretty busy for me, Mark was gone to be with his family. His mom is doing much better now, she’s still in the hospital, but improving every day. Thank you for your well wishes!!

I signed up on the SBEBB for the specific designer exchange. They gave us our exchange partner’s name a week ago, I was able to actually stitch and finish it in a couple of days. I could not put it down :) So now I have to wait for a month to mail it. I am excited about it :D The designer is Shepherd’s Bush, and they are one of my favorites.

I’ve also been working on Blackbird Designs: Sunflower House. It is turning out so pretty. I read on Wendy’s blog she is stitching on it now too. Here’s my progress, it’s the one I’ve been focusing on the most recently.
I’ve also picked up Old McMary’s again at work. Still filling in the barn and the roof, it’s so big, but it will be a neat one to finish for sure. I mentioned I bought the fabric to start Shores of Hawk Run Hollow… I haven’t started it yet, I am a chicken! It’s so BIG, and after finishing The Four Seasons, another big one scares me LOL! I will be working on it soon I hope, I need to pull the threads for it first. Anybody else scared to start such a huge project? :D For fear you won’t finish??? Or it’ll take you 7 years to finish it??? :D

I started a quilt for my mother in law, I am not sure how quick I can get it done, but it’s started :) Pictures to come soon…

I’ll leave you with photos I took at the International Rose Test Gardens here in Portland last Thursday. We are the Rose City after all, I must share!

Here is the view from the gardens overlooking Portland and Mt. Hood.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Charts & Tins for Sale or Trade

So, I’ve gone through my charts, and have a list here of several that I have already stitched and want to either sell or trade. If anybody is interested, contact me and we can talk! My email is: or leave a comment.

These are all chart only!
Waxing Moon: Harvest
JBW Designs: Country French Apple
Lizzie Kate: September Block (chart only)

They are linked to the pictures of my finishes of them :) I have stitched all of these, and don’t plan to again, it’s hard for me to stitch things more than once because there are too many out there to do! :D None of my charts are marked up, I make copies of them and mark the copies when I use them.

Also, I have quite a few small tins, they are the same size as Altoid tins. If anybody would like to buy some, they are .75 cents each, shipping would be added, and they don’t weigh much, so it’d be inexpensive. If you are interested, email me :) I'd be willing to trade for these too :)


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Some Finishes...

I hope you all had a nice 4th of July weekend for those of you here in the USA. My husband was in France all week long for work, so I headed up to Anacortes to visit friends. We had a blast! Charissa is a good friend of mine who taught me how to quilt, and gave me her old sewing machine... she's awesome (that is a picture of us below)! We wandered around Anacortes and went to the little quilt shops there and also to a cross stitch shop, where we fell in love with Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, so we both bought the fabric for it and the pattern, we are going to stitch it together! I told her we'll be okay as long as we finish it when our kids graduate from high school LOL! I am excited... and crazy :)

I stitched up the Shepherd's Bush Fob: America over the past few weeks. I finally completed it tonight, it is cute :) It's pretty big to be a Fob I think though, but it'll be a good ornament for my Christmas tree for sure. I even made the cording, a first for me... it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.

Also, I finished a tablerunner for a gift, I'm saving it for Christmas though :) It is made from a charm pack (5" squares), it's a Moda line of fabric, I though it was cute.

So, that is all for now, there were some really rough times in our family over the past week, and so I have been tired and stressed out. My mother in law had a heart attack, and it was really hard on her, she had to have open heart surgery. We were scared of losing her... I am glad to say things are getting better now. Just count your blessings, every single day.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Plums finish, and June review/July goals

You know, I wanted hot weather, I really did… and now I am trying to figure out exactly why I would want hot weather :D After living in Yuma, Arizona for years, you would think I would not be phased by a mere 95 degrees… I suppose I’ve acclimatized to the cooler weather now. I can’t deal with the hot stuff, I literally wilt, just like my pansies.

I’ve been working on LHN: Plums for a few months off and on at work, and finally finished it on Friday, isn’t it cute? I love the purple threads on this one. I might make this into another pillow, like I did with the Blueberries.

June Review
Work on Old McMary’s *NO*
Work on Snapperville *NO*
Work on BBD: Sunflower House *YES*
Make baby blanket for friend Andrea *started it*
Work on Carpenter Star Quilts *YES*
Stitch an ornament *NO*Stitch F&S blocks mail by 6/20 *YES*Find chart for next NRR *YES, and started it*

Also: completed Short Story Quilt, LHN: Plums, Lizzie Kate: September Block, started bird stitchery, tied Holly Jolly quilt.

July Goals
Finish Cindy’s NRR and mail to Von
Start SBEBB Shepherd’s Bush Exchange
Work on Baby blanket for Andrea
Work on bird stitchery
Work on BBD: Sunflower House
Work on Old McMary’s
Work on Snapperville
Finish one Carpenter Star quilt
Stitch an ornament