Thursday, November 16, 2006

Early Stitching & Quilting Goals for 2007

My cross-stitching goals for 2007:

We shall see…. ;)

Finish my Current WIP:

Mermaids of the Deep Blue: Mirabilia 40% done now
The Four Seasons: Marjolein Bastin 75% done now

And decrease my stash, so I can buy more :D

Shepherd’s Bush:
2000 Years Ago: Shepherd’s Bush Christmas Ornaments
Shepherd’s Bush: Sail, I got the fabric!
Shepherd’s Bush: Mother’s Heart: Kit
Shepherd’s Bush: Be of Good Cheer

Bent Creek:
Snapper Series 2003: Bent Creek, I got the border and fabric.
Bent Creek: Summer stack

Lizzie Kate:
Lizzie Kate: Home is Where our Story Begins

The Workbasket:
The Workbasket: Old McMary’s

Stocking for my son:
Santa’s Animal Parade stocking kit by Dimensions (for my son)

There are several small things that I’d like to do as well, like ornaments… and plus I’ll be doing exchanges too. I love this!

My Quilting goals for 2007:

Finish my mom’s blue quilt, it's about 60% done now

Start/Finish a Queen size Trip Around The World Quilt for my cousin.

Start/Finish a Log Cabin Quilt for my Grandma.

I’ll make baby quilts in here too, for my cousin and a friend… So many projects! There is a gorgeous star quilt I’d like to make for myself, I have the fabric for it… just have to find the time.


Lili said...

I've seen lots of beautiful things on your blog! My fav has to be the Fanci That snow catchers: I'd never seen them before and they make me smile...
I loved your son's story with the smell of the traffic lol...
I'll come back to visit!
Take care!

bunnyhead said...

That's a lot of projects! I hope to finish MotDB right there with you!