Monday, November 13, 2006


Had a nice weekend, I am almost done with the ornament I am making for the exchange. I just have to make the part to hang it. It looks so cute though, I love how it has turned out.

I worked more on the Mermaids for several hours. It is looking so pretty! We are going to be taking a trip soon, so I will bring them to work on in the car, I’ll get a lot done that way. However, there are so many ornaments I want to make, I am considering bringing those instead since they are so much smaller.

Carol, I got the fabric from you, it is so pretty! I love the sparkly yellow, and the blue one is great too. I think that blue fabric would have looked great with the Mermaids I am doing right now. Maybe for another mermaid :D

We are just trying not to get washed away, the rain here has been horrendous.


Carol said...

Great! Glad the fabrics arrived there so quickly!! A package sent to Maine the same day is not yet reported as received... strange, huh? Glad you like the fabrics - those are bright ones!!

bunnyhead said...

I love your snowman finishes! And your mermaids looks great! You're about as far as I am on it, from what I can estimate. Do you have a v=certain day of the week you work on it and if you do can I join you for an SAL so I can motivate myself to get it finished? What fabric are you stitching it on? My email is bunnyhead5000 at comcast dot net! ~ Cindy