Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So, no pictures today. I have been steadily working on a few things, but none of it is picture worthy yet :)

I am ½ way done with my February block for the Bent Creek Snappers. It is looking cute. And I have been working on my little wall hanging. I came home last night, and found a package, it was the walking foot I ordered for my sewing machine! I got it installed and made sure it worked. I get to try it out tonight. Cool :D

I don’t have the gusto to work late into the night like I did back in January. I think I wore myself out :) I do have a lot of projects that need some attention. I am going to not start any quilts until I get some things finished up. (I hope anyway) I am so impulsive, it’s hard to say that and stick to it!

Can you believe the month is already ½ way over? What the heck, time just slips through my fingers. I can’t keep up.


Wendy said...

You will love the walking foot - it really does make a difference!

And very cool Valentine in the last post :-D

Von said...

The days do slip away from us so quickly! It's amazing to me how they're passing faster each year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) It's always nice to find people that have the same tastes :) I think we have a ton in common!
My wall quilt is about 50" square right now :)
I have to ask... what do you use the walking foot for?
Good luck on not starting any quilts!!! I know what you mean, I'm incredibly impulsive as well :)

MysteryKnitter said...

I believe I know what you mean. I mean when the time slips through one's fingers. I've tried to work hard this month on my projects, but every time I grab one project I feel I neglect another.