Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I’m back, finally :D

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, yikes! So guys, I am floored, is it seriously less than 30 days until Christmas? I mean, where have I been? I am in a state of denial I think LOL! I’ve not been able to catch up for several months and every new month surprises me :D I took all kinds of lovely photos to share and my camera is with my husband out of state at the moment so that means… no photos until next week, sorry :(

We went to Utah for the week of Thanksgiving. We decided to take a vacation, a much needed one. We drove, it was 12 hours one way. I know, it’s a long way, but we like the driving part. It isn’t too bad. We have one of those portable DVD players which I’d use when the kids just would not stop arguing, or talking :P You could imagine a 5 and 6 year old in the back of the car saying “you can’t look out of my window!” “mom, how many cows are in that field” “dad, why is the sky blue” and every silly thing they can imagine. After a few hours of that the DVD player is like waving a magic wand, *poof* they are silent and we can relax LOL! I did A LOT of stitching on the drive there and back, so I had fun :D I finished my USEBB Ornament exchange, a present for my sister, and another small tree ornament for myself. I didn’t take Rob’s NRR with me, I was scared a soda would spill on it or something, so it stayed home. I still haven’t finished it, and need to get working on it this week, since I need to mail it in a few days.

Salt Lake has a very cute stitching shop that is 5 minutes from where we stayed called The Stitching Station. I loved it! I got some gifts for some exchanges, and broke down and bought some Needle Necessities floss for myself. I’ve been so good not buying anything too :P I couldn’t help it. I bought the thread I need to start Dash Away All, a Hinzeit chart too. Which is on my “20 things to do” list, so that doesn’t count! LOL! So, I was proud of myself in that department. I did however buy fabric for a quilt… so I am in trouble there. I went on and found some patterns that I think will look great with it. Now to finish the 10 other quilts I have fabric for already.

Oh yes, I gave the Mermaids of the Deep Blue to my friend Jeannie, she was thrilled and kept saying how beautiful they were. I am happy she loves them so much. They were just so “her” you know? So it feels good to do something like that for her, she deserves it. I’ll have her take a picture of them when she gets them framed up!

When I got home there was a package from Carol! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a package from her in the mailbox? She made me the cutest fob, with my initial on it. She said it’s from a Prairie Schooler chart. Thanks Carol! :D I’ll show it off soon. It’s on my scissors now though. Jessie loves it too :D She likes looking at my stash with me, it’s fun, I hope she’ll want to stitch and quilt someday too.

Just a few things to mention as of late, Becky can no longer host the Birthday Exchange Club, so Edgar has taken it over for 2008. I signed up with him already, and had a fun time with it this year. If you want to sign up, go here and sign up with him.

Also, my friend Courtney is selling some of her stash, so if you need to stock up on charts, she’s awesome!


Katrina said...

Sounds like a nice vacation :-). Glad you got to get away for a few days.

Von said...

That IS a long way to drive! We drove to Boise which is about five hours - perhaps we passed each other on the highway! :) Did you pass thru that awful fog at the top of Cabbage Hill on Sunday? Can't complain tho - at least the road itself was great and it wasn't blowing snow.

Our Expedition has a dvd player in it and it has really transformed out out-of-town travels!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the link! :o)

MysteryKnitter said...

I am glad you were able to get some craft done on the way.