Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday weekend

Did you all have a nice weekend? We had sunny weather again, and I was so happy about that. Spring is here and it has been good to see the flowers blooming, and the trees turning green again. Saturday I took the kids for a walk behind the library, it’s full of ponds and walkways, and ducks :) There were a few baby ducks swimming around, so cute! Jessie wanted to take one home, but I am a mean mom and wouldn’t let her.

My birthday on Sunday was very nice and relaxing. I got an ice cream cake yum! I also got to take a long nap. After I woke up, I wondered why I don’t take naps more often? Here is a picture for you all, I am now 28 years old :)
I like how I didn’t even clear off my sewing machine from the table LOL!

I have decided I am going to start a new project (because I need another one). I had quite a bit of the threads in my stash, but ordered the rest from EHandcrafts. Mary Kathryn has wonderful service, so go check her site out! Here is what I kitted up to stitch.
Blackbird Designs: Sunflower House, perfect start for spring I think! :D I have been wanting to stitch this forever, and decided I should now.

I got a pretty good start on Dani’s NRR, I am doing a big castle. Fun Fun! I’ve never stitched a castle before.
In other good news I finished all of the rows for my Star Lights quilt, I even ironed them all. So now, I get to sew the long rows together and the top will be done. Woohoo! I’ll take pictures of it when I get further along. I also finished stitching my Fair and Square block for the 4th of July exchange.


karenv said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you :) Looking forward to seeing Sunflower House stitched up!

Vonna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! And boy what an old lady you are...28, whew! :))))))
Sunflower House is a beautiful stitch...can't wait to see it grow!
And your 4th of July square done....wow! You're a speedy stitcher too!

Vonna said...
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Chiloe said...

Happy birthday to you !!!! The cake seems yummy !!! ( I see the sewing machine is never far away from you !!! )

Nic said...

Happy birthday!

A cake and a sewing machine on the same table, what else does a stitcher need? :o)

Your new stash looks lovely, so cheerful!

CraftyT said...

Looks like a wonderful day spent celebrating.

That is a great design to start.Look forward to your WIP pictures.
Enjoy you'r day!

staci said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love that BBD it's so cheerful, can't wait to see your start on it!

Barbara said...

Okay, you don't look old enough to even be a mom yet in these pictures!! What's your secret?? :D

Happy birthday, and wishes for a wonderful birthday year!!

Lennu said...

Hi Heather and happy belated birthday!! I'm so sorry I haven't commented for a while but I've been visiting, life's been hectic :) I just LOVE your new layout in the blog!!! I hope your special day was very lovely, the cake looks yummy :) You've received beautiful stitched gifts too and of course everything you've done looks wonderful. I just LOVE the wall hanging you made for Judith!

Tobie said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day and will have a great year to come. I am loving the sunshine and flowers too! Sunflower House is one of my most favorite finished pieces hanging on my wall. You'll love stitching it up.

jane said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful - looks like it was!

Sharon said...

Happy belated Birthday to you!

Marie-P said...

Hey friend! I smiled when I saw the wonderful picture of you with your kids and CAKE! You are as cute as your children. :) What I would give for a slice of that delicious cake!
Love your new BBD project, those designs are all so wonderful.
Isn't that the most interesting NRR? I saw it when Vonna was stitching on it, it is really quite clever.