Tuesday, December 15, 2009

List for Santa

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming around blog land. He is bringing goodies from The Fat Quarter Shop. Oh my gosh, I would be really happy if he showed up at my door with a armful of fabric! Here is what he would have… I just know it! (because I’ve been such a good girl this year)

One of my favorite fabric designers Heather Bailey came out with yet another heart stopping collection. Nicey Jane. So beautiful.

I would like one of each please! The Swell and the Cool...

And… have you seen the patterns by Fig Tree Quilts? They are so perfect.

Look at this Cameo pattern, how many ways can you make this? And the Rosettes is very elegant.
And let us not forget Simple Abundance fabric. It is to die for really. And in a Jelly Roll? Yes Please!

The Eden fabric in a layer cake would make my week. I love these layer cakes mmmmm....
And, I have always wanted a pony! If you have room *wink wink*
Love, Heather

P.S. Go and check out The Jolly Jabber and make your own list!

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Camille said...

Wow! That is a lot of fabric goodness for one post! I, for one, hope you get it all! ;-) Merry Christmas!