Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Best Schnibbles quilt

I finished up Sunday Best on Friday. I stipple quilted it, really small. I like the look, it'll be all crinkly after it gets washed. On Monday the new Schnibbles quilt will be known... I am excited! Go and visit Sinta and Sherri's blog to check them out. I used Portabello Market for the charm squares on this quilt.
There was a lot of tan squares that I didn't use on the front, so I pieced them together for the backing. I used a red in my stash for the backing, and the green was from stash as well for the binding. This is a bigger Schnibbles quilt. It'd be pretty as a large quilt too wouldn't it??
My husband rides dirt bikes with his friends whenever he can. Last weekend he went to Brown's camp and took some pictures, it's so pretty. I had to share. I can't wait for the trails to dry up a bit so we can go hiking again, I've got some really awesome ones planned this summer! There are some really great hikes around here.
February Review:

Quilt and Bind the Pop Garden II quilt *done*
Make the February Schnibble Quilt *done*
Try to finish up Shores of Hawk Run Hollow *done*
Finish Spring Star Quilt top *done*
Find perfect quilt pattern for Catherine and begin gathering fabrics *done*

Making a list for February was a really good idea, it kept me on track! Also done this month: started Plant the Seeds cross stitch, and made a dozen patchwork heart cards.

March Goals:
Make the March Schnibble Quilt
Piece backing for Spring Star Quilt
Quilt and Bind Shangri-La Quilt
Work on Plant the Seeds
Start cutting and piecing Catherine’s Quilt


Chiloe said...

Like always the quilts are beautiful !!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures : it's beautiful !

Susan said...

Love the colors in this quilt!

Katrina said...

The quilt is gorgeous and I love the crinkled look. Gorgeous scenery pics too!

Brigitte said...

You're a quilt maker right after my heart. Your quilts are so beautiful and your sewing machine must be smoking, lol.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Stunning! Your quilting looks amazing!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

I HEART your Schnibbles - Portobello Market made it SO PRETTY! Great job!

Marianne said...

Sunday Best looks great in Portobello Market!

MysteryKnitter said...

Looks awesome. I mean the quilts. And of course the outdoor pictures are awesome too.