Monday, March 07, 2011


I sew on my kitchen table, aka "the sewing center" my husband is less than thrilled my machine is set up here 365 days a year, I will take it down if we have company, but only if they aren't family haha! Our house isn't very big, we don't have an extra room. So, this is how we have to live with it. Plus I like having the big table to spread my quilts and blocks on while I work. This does mean I have to clean it up every day, or stack it and put it on my sewing machine.
My fabric storage is all in rubbermaid bins, in my bedroom closet, and under our bed. We have an unused entertainment center sitting in our bedroom. When we got one of those big tv's we had to get a different entertainment center, and we just drug this up to our room for temporary storage. It's been there for over a year now, I pulled everything out of it, as in VHS tapes, boxes of photos, albums, random knick knacks, and threw most of that away. Not the photos :P
Anyways, I then pulled out the bins of fabric from my closet and re-organized them. I was able to get one huge bin out of my closet and one bin out from under my bed. They are now dwelling in my "sewing center" no longer called the entertainment center. I love it!
In my quest to continue using my stash in 2011, I pulled out the super cute fabric I bought last year. My sister in law is having a girl this summer (yay!!!). So, this will be the backing fabric, and I pulled out pinks, yellows and greens from my stash to make the top.
I am using the tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilts called the Ragged Squares Quilt. Easy, cute and not too big. I cut out the squares this past week, and plan on whipping this together soon. Gotta use that stash!


Amy said...

I too have to sew at the dining room table (which also drives my husband crazy). We need to lobby for sewing rooms!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

We had an entertainment center nearly just like it...I love what you did with it!

randi said...

it took me a LONG time before i got a sewing room. hopefully there is one in your future too. the sewing machine on the table will be an incentive to your hubs one day! :)

Jo said...

I Love the Sewing Center & Rachel loves the pink castle fabric. I'm wishing I had some to make her a castle quilt like the one I made for Butch :)

Leanne said...

What a dandy use for the old entertainment center! I see so many of them being tossed out or sitting forlornly at Goodwill.... the quilts must feel like they have come home to a good place!

MysteryKnitter said...

Wow! You sure know, how to use space! Well done! And nice quilt on the way too. The little princess will love it.