Monday, December 18, 2006

Jewelry and Mermaids!

Since I am pretty new to this blogger, I changed to the new one last week. And now when I log in it doesn’t remember me, it’s kind of annoying :P Oh well, there are worse things that could happen I suppose. Also, my blog rolling doesn’t tell me when someone has updated like it usually does. Maybe they have some kinks they are still working out.

I had a great time last night with my neighbor. We made jewelry! She had quite a large assortment to choose from. This was one of the sets I made, isn’t it pretty? We are going to Joann’s tonight to look at their beads. Like I need another hobby. I worked on my Mermaids a tiny bit, got more beading done, it’s kind of a pink bead that I’ve been doing, it’s gone down to her tail now. Can you see it? I scanned this picture, and it washed it out quite a bit. It sure looks pretty. I started a Shepherd’s Bush needleroll called Beehive as well. Not much progress, I should get more done on it tonight. That is… if I am not making more jewelry!


Wendy said...

Lovely necklace set! And good luck with your beading. I have to admit its a little hard to see from the pic. May be a picture taken from an angle might show it a little more? Beading is tedious but so worth it when its done.

Stitch Wizard said...

Your Mermaid and jewelry are soooooo pretty!! I have thought the mermaid was real pretty the first time I saw it!! Great job!! Debby

bunnyhead said...

The jewelry is so pretty as is (of course!) your mermaids!