Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More jewelry & my husbands Christmas present

I made another necklace last night :) I love it! These are my favorite kinds, just the random small beads. I bought beads that are a more maroon tone as well, so I’ll make another necklace similar to this with those.

I found some PERFECT charts for upcoming exchanges. I am so excited to stitch these in the next few months for people. These exchanges are great, I am stitching things I would not regularly do, and have really begun to like.

I found out my sewing machine can be repaired in a matter of days… so it’s just going to have to get to the shop… in a matter of days ^_^ I think I can get it there this weekend.

When we went to Utah for Thanksgiving we stayed with our good friends. He had a car in his garage that his father in law had built from a kit, and wanted to sell it. So... my husband bought it, it's a 1929 Mercedes Benz Gazelle kit car. Isn't it fun? In a Cruella Deville sort of way :) We'll have fun with it this summer, we can't drive it in the winter that's for sure!

My brother and his wife come on Thursday, and stay for a few days, then it’s Christmas! I even get a 5 day weekend. I am very excited about it, I can relax and enjoy this fun time.


bunnyhead said...

That car is SO cool! And your necklace is beautiful :)

Katrina said...

Love the jewelry and your DH's car. It does look like a fun summertime cruising car. Have a merry Christmas! Hugs.

Sue said...

Love the necklace, how pretty.

Vonna said...

Great Car!
Merry Christmas!