Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Quilt Idea...

I bought a load of fabric when we were in Utah, and I have been searching for a good pattern to do for this fabric. It’s all country/warm colors, I got about 10 fabrics, ½ yard of each. I found this pattern, on, I think this is what I’ll use, but make it more scrappy, with variations of blocks. I’ll just keep the darks and lights separated so that you get the tone. I think it’ll be very pretty. I will take a picture of the fabrics to show you what I have. I still need to finish my mom’s quilt, but I can cut this quilt out in the evenings, when I can’t sew (my machine keeps the kids up!) at night.

I haven’t touched my mom’s quilt for awhile, and I miss sewing! I need to sew some more I think. I love my cross stitching, but sewing needs to be done too. I can’t make up my mind! :D


bunnyhead said...

I like that quilt pattern and can't wait to see what colors you've picked. I love quilts and have pieced some together but I have zero patience to actually do the quilting part. I'm in awe of people who can do it!

Wendy said...

Very nice pattern - I actually have made 2 table centrepieces using this and the Christmas one is on my table now.

You HAVE to take pictures of your fabrics, I'm dying to see them!