Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mermaids WIP & Gift

Okay, here is the WIP of my Mermaids, I should be waiting to post on Friday, but too bad, they are early :D This is with the stitching complete... well except some backstiching, but I am not counting that as all of the X's are done! LOL :)
The beading has begun!
I also finished up some dish towels for my mother in law for Christmas. She just re-did her kitchen with apples and a country theme, so these should fit in nicely. I used that iron on transfer stuff to get the fabric to stick to the towels and then blanket stitched around them. They turned out cute, I may do these again. I also got her a thread cutter, you know those little round ones with the razor on the inside, she thought that was really cool, so I picked one up for her. She is another reason I love cross stitching so much :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, your Mermaids are gorgeous. I love the hand towels too.

Wendy said...

Yeah, you're on to the beading for Mermaids! I find beading a little tedious but so worth it with the fantastic effect it gives your piece.

Love the towels you made for your MIL! That iron-on stuff works great!!

bunnyhead5000 said...

I can't wait to get to the beading on mine! The dish towels are adorable!

Vonna said...

The Mermaids are beautiful! I just love that design! The fabric you used is great too!
Love the towels, they'd fit in my kitchen as well :D