Monday, December 11, 2006

Well, I am *almost* done with the stitching on the mermaids. I just have to do the backstitching around their tails, and that is it! So, I started the beading, because I just couldn’t wait any longer on it :) It sure looks nice, and it’s rather tedious, it takes time to get those little beads on the needle and all that. But, I am getting faster at it as I go.

Do you guys do a full X through the bead, or just a ½ X? I’ve been doing a full X to make the bead straight… just curious.

We got our Christmas lights up outside on our house, they are so pretty. I love this season, it’s just so welcoming. Tomorrow night I am hosting a baby shower, so no stitching again for me *pouts*

By the way my Christmas dinner for the church turned out so nice, it went very smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves. What a relief! It was worth all of that work to make so many people have a memorable night.

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