Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All 80 blocks, complete!

Well, I bit the bullet tonight I sewed the 10 rows together, all 80 blocks are done! Now, to do the border. It's neat to look at, all of those rows.... makes my eyes crossed LOL! :D

I have had these two finishes that needed to be "finished"... that's how'd you say it right? So, this is Bees Buzzing by Shepherd's Bush finished into a wall hanging:

And this just needed the "hangers" sewn onto it to complete it. Snow Catchers by Fanci That:

Now to get some dowels and hang these up! I am a tired girl, I am going to bed now :D


bunnyhead said...

Your wall hangings are amazing! I love the fabrics you chose. And the quilt is to die for.

Wendy said...

Wow- your sewing machine must be smoking! I love everything you have finished off. The quilt is amazing. Have you decided how to quilt it yet?

The wallhangings are wonderful - great work!

Vonna said...

Such beautiful things you've made...that quilt is glorious and in one of my favorite colors BLUE!
The wall hangings are just scrumptious! They look FABULOUS!
Kudos to you!!

Carol said...

Great job Heather! The quilt is stunning, and your finishes are both so cute! You must feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Trish said...

Very Nice Finishes!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome quilt and stitching finishes. WOW.

Barbara said...

What an awesome quilt!

And your wall hangings are great!!!

Nikki said...

Wow the quilt looks wonderful! Also the wall hangings do too.

MysteryKnitter said...

That quilt is awesome! I envy you for sure.