Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh me, Oh my

I have signed up for so many things, but I am just thrilled about it. I love doing exchanges. I just mailed off my Valentine exchange yesterday for the USEBB board. I also signed up to do the Spring Quaker Exchange on the USEBB as well. I have my design all picked out too… it will be cute. I haven’t really done anything too quaker-y :)

Let me see… I have been invited to join in a Neighborhood Round Robin, and I am really excited, but kind of nervous. After seeing the photos of previous RR’s, I don’t know how I can be so creative in coming up with these houses/gardens etc. I know I can do it, it’s just a little intimidating!

I also joined a RR on the Jayne’s Attic Board. I can’t do the Bent Creek Signs because there are 6 of us… so I changed it to The Prairie Schooler Winter Winds and Autumn Winds. I am dividing them up into 3 parts each. I started my Autumn Winds last night and must get it shipped off by mid February to Iceland! I’ve NEVER shipped anything overseas, so I need to figure that out. Anybody have tips for shipping overseas?

These are all running through my brain constantly, and I get a little overwhelmed, but then when I think about it, it’s not bad at all. I love it! Anybody else sign up for a million exchanges/PIF/SAL??? LOL!


Katrina said...

What fun, I am signed up for a fair number of exchanges and PIFs myself :-). I do love round robins, I am dying to do a Neighborhod one, have fun with it!

Vonna said...

Well Heather...I think we are hit with the same brick! I think you're on the team I'm managing for Carol on the Neighborhood RR! Plus I'm a member of the USEBB and I'm going to mail my Valentines exchange out soon as well..I also signed up for the Needleroll exchange and I'm stitching a Quaker as well....I'm doing a tin box exchange with Su in England and I'm in a SAL that isn't really SAL'ing at the moment see there is someone out there signed up for a million and one things just like you!

Anonymous said...

You sound so excited about the exchanges, that's great. Another aspect of stitching, I hope you really enjoy them.

Carol said...

Aw, you are going to do just great with the RR - I felt as you do, but when the project comes in, it all just flows together for you :-) And with a blog being created for the groups, we can chat back and forth with everyone if you want tips or ideas to fill out a block - that always helps!

Wendy said...

If all your sign-ups are a bit overwhelming, try keeping track of when things needs to be mailed out on a calendar, then you can easily see what is next on your list to be done. And the RR's are great fun to do. With a 2 month turnaround, that's plenty of time to figure out what you need to stitch. And remember, its supposed to be fun!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I am signed up for one exchange so far. I have only done one other so I am a little intimidated by them. But as I overdo most everything I am sure I will get over it soon. Use global express to ship, it's safe and secure plus very easy with premade envelopes available to ship in.

Von said...

Hi Heather! I think I'm in the Neighborhood RR with you, and I just now discovered your blog. There are getting to be so many of us it's hard to keep up!

I haven't done an rr before, but I think this one will be great fun. I, too, am concerned about coming up with the right design for each individual, but I think with enough communication we'll all do great!

Looking forward to getting to know you - you're practically my backyard neighbor. :)

Von in Kennewick, WA

MysteryKnitter said...

I have my own WIPs or maybe already UFOs I should stitch. I just afraid there is no hope to get them done anymore before the deadline.