Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year :)

I can't believe it is 2007, this is going to go by just as fast as 2006 isn't it? My 4 year old has informed me that she will be going to school this year and that she'll be 5. I can't handle that yet :( My babies are growing up!

Well, we had a great new years eve, with our neighbors over. It was a great way to bring in the New Year.

I found out my sewing machine is fixed! So, I can go and get it anytime. I only wish they didn't close at 6:00, that means I can't get it until Saturday. Maybe I can get some fabric cut out to have ready to sew. :)

I have started a new chart, it's JBW Designs : Country French Apple. I of course didn't use the recommended anything, and have chosen WDW thread: Liberty, with Jobelan 28 count African Daisy. I love it. It's for my MIL whose birthday is in February. It's been so fast to stitch! I want to get a few other designs like this to do in the future. I sure am loving the hand dyed threads, they are just beautiful. I figure I'll have it almost done tonight for sure. I like the sampler look of it, it's very cute.

I was asked where I got the "Be Happy" freebie chart, I actually wrote a letter to Shepherd's Bush asking for it, and they sent me that and 3 others, they were so nice!

I've been requested to read Nemo, so off I go....


Wendy said...

Country French Apple looks like a sweet design. What a lovely gift it will make!

Thanks for the info about SB. I visited their site hoping to see a link for the freebie but had never thought about writing to them!

Anonymous said...

I love Country French Apple. Nice gift.

Carol said...

Nice start on your JBW design :-)