Thursday, February 01, 2007

January Review, and Goals for February

Gasp! What is this I didn’t finish another quilt last night?!? LOL! No, I had a meeting for church and then got home and was too tired and wanted to hang out on the couch. I didn’t even cross stitch… double Gasp!

I’ve been going through my lists of projects, and there are so many of them. I was so proud of myself for all of the work I did in January. I was a woman possessed I tell you. Here are my finishes:

JBW: Country French Apple (MIL B-day present)
Bent Creek: January Snapper
Prairie Schooler: F is for Friend (exchange)
Ink Circles: Biscornu (PIF)
Shepherd’s Bush: Be Happy (still need buttons)
Country Cottage: Blue House Ornament

Also, in my quilting, I got my machine back after two months of it being broken, and I couldn’t be stopped :)
I finished:

The top of my mom’s quilt WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
The top of my Carpenter’s Square quilt
And have a almost finish with Jessie’s horse quilt.

I have had such a fun January doing all of these things. I’ve never made a monthly “goal” list, but I am going to anyway, to see if I actually stick to it :P

To do for February:
1. Finish the top of Jessie’s Horse Quilt (just need to add a border) *done 2-5-07*
2. Begin the Trip Around the World Quilt for my cousin (getting materials Saturday)
3. Finish Bent Creek: February Snapper *done one 2-15-07*
4. Jayne’s Attic RR: Finish my 1st part, and mail it to Iceland by the 19th, begin on the one coming in :) – this is my first RR, I can’t wait to see what I get to stitch!
5. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue, so I can keep up with Cindy :)
6. Find design for USEBB Quaker Exchange and get materials for it. *found design and bought materials! 2/3/07*
7. Find a ornament and finish it for the ornament SAL.
8. Make 3 blocks for Birthday block exchange

*started and finished Trip Around the World wall hanging 2-10 to 2-14*


Cathy said...

You had an awesome stitching month - congratulations!

Cathy said...

You had an awesome stitching month - congratulations!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Congrats on such a productive January and Happy Stitching in Feb.

Carol said...

Great job with your goals for January!

Anonymous said...

You didn't even have to list your January goals and what you accomplished, I've been in awe of you all month with all the finishes. Great work.

bunnyhead said...

I think you mean NOT work on Mermaids so ` Cindy can catch up! lol!

Myrna said...

WOW! I know where I'm heading with my quilt questions! LOL

Hope February is as good for you!

MysteryKnitter said...

You sure know your needle, be it machine or hand. I wish I could be like that. But my stitching, or needlepointing, to be precise, is hopelessly slow.