Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The letter Y

A fun alphabet game, I was given the letter Y by Barbara :D
The Letter Y

Yardwork: I just worked in my yard for a few hours on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I love to garden, it’s so rewarding.

Yellow: Such a cheery color! I am making a yellow and blue quilt right now actually :D

Young: I am still young, but feel old… but I have little young ones at home, and they are what life is all about, being young and happy.

Yelling: There is a time and place for it, like a sports game… not like when your daughter spills a full glass of chocolate milk on the carpet.

Yikes: As in Britney Spears… LOL!

Year: So much can happen, and summing up into a year is so hard. And what happened to the year of 2006? I am still trying to figure that one out.

Yawn: What I can’t seem to stop doing today.

Yards: As in yards of fabric, I love fabric *sigh* (yards and yardwork are not the same!)

Yak: This was my first word, or so says my mom. :D

Yoga: A type of exercise… which isn’t in my vocabulary… and is really difficult (for the clumsy me)

If you want a letter just let me know :D

A post is coming tonight, new projects and a finish woohoo!

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Barbara said...

I guess Yikes and Yoga would go together, huh? LOL!