Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cannon Beach WIP

I have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs this week, I haven’t been able to reply to them, I am sorry! I love reading your posts though, they keep me motivated, and make me want to post more often. Are there times you think, “I should post about that!” :) I do that all of the time, I just love to share with all of you.

This week I made some good progress on Cannon Beach. I got all of the clouds and mountains filled in, and the tree trunk and starfish done. I only have the ocean and sand to stitch and I will be done with it! I love how it’s turning out, it’s like painting a picture :)

I have been stash shopping… again… this has really been an addiction of mine lately. There is just so much that I love, and I can’t help it! :D I’ll share pictures when I get my order in.

I’ll be sewing some more here soon. My husband travels a lot, and when he does I do a lot of sewing. The time is coming up! I miss my husband when he’s gone, but I sure get a lot done when he is LOL!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my kids, they really are the light of my life. I am so blessed to have such a healthy, loving little family. I have some cute things they have said saved up, I had to share them, I hope you get a good laugh out of them. Kids say the funniest things!

Curren was telling us about elephants, and how they have long noses and suck up water and give their babies baths with their noses, so I said, that would be weird if I sucked water up my nose and squirted it on you! Curren says, “yeah! And you could stick straws up your nose to do it!”

Jessie gets her words mixed up, or should I say makes up her own words.She was eating salad the other night, and asked to have some “dress-up” on it. I was like… dress-up? You mean dressing? It was so cute!

And this morning she looked out the back window, and says “oh no! I left the broom outside last night, and it got wet from the rain!” I said “why did you have the broom?” She says “well, I was brooming the porch because it was dirty!”

I love my kiddies!!!!


Vonna said...

Can't wait to see your stitchy stash :) It's an addiction for me too, so your not alone! LOL!

Children are such a blessing...little gifts from heaven :)

Von said...

Thanks for sharing your little kidisms. They're delightful! It's nice to see the joy you have in your children. :)