Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday :D

Well, today is my daughter Jessie's birthday, she turned 5 years old, and boy does she act older! :D Yesterday was my son Curren's birthday, and he turned 6 years old. I had a very busy weekend between birthday parties and Easter.

I have almost finished Jessie's horse quilt, but I gave it to her anyway. I can work on it now whenever I can, since I don't have to be secretive. She loved it and has slept with it already. I am so glad! Every blanket I make for the kids ends up being the one they always want use and have close to them, that makes me so happy :)

Someone asked where I got the pattern for my Spring Quaker, it was a freebie. I got it all from here: There is a large "sampler" and I just chose the ones I liked from it, I don't own any sampler quaker patterns, so I was glad to find this!

I've been working on my Cannon Beach piece, and started my "Potting Shed Exchange" for the USEBB, that has been fun :D Hopefully I can start quilting more now that the parties are over and I can take a breather!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both your children! :)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday(s)!!!

Vonna said...

Happy Birthday to Curren and Jessie!
I've started my Potting Shed too :)

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to Jesse and Curren!

Von said...

Happy birthday to Jessie and Curren! You have been even busier than I've been, thowing an extra birthday party into the mix, lol!

MysteryKnitter said...

I've been stitching too, but all my current projects are top secret, so I can't breath a word further than this.