Monday, June 11, 2007

Jayne's Attic RR Update

I logged onto the Jayne’s Attic site for the first time in several months. I am currently doing a New Year’s Round Robin with 5 other ladies from that site. I am really enjoying it so far! This round robin I chose to send out was 2 charts from the Prairie Schooler, Autumn Winds & Winter Wind. I divided them each into 3 parts. I started on the Autumn Wind at the bottom… and there are two more parts left on the Winter Wind, and it’ll be complete! Here is an image of it so far:

I am so excited, this is going to be very cute. I’ll make these into little flat folds when they return to me so I can display them.

I’ve really enjoyed stitching on the other ladies RR as well. I hope they all enjoy doing it as much as I have.

Some of you must think I am crazy to be involved in 2 Round Robins. You can join myself because I think I am crazy too. But this RR will be completed next month, so I am not going to worry about it. I have loved the experience, and can’t wait to keep going with the Neighborhood RR.

And man oh man, I found a great new designer for the cutest hand stitched items, Bareroots. They aren’t cross stitching, just simple embroidery, but their designs are just adorable. I was at the quilt shop today and they had several of their patterns, so I picked one up. Go visit here and tell me what you think! Has anybody done these before?


Edda said...

I´ve really enjoyed being part of this RR Heather. This is the second RR that I do with the girls at Jayne´s Attic and I have loved the experience both times.
I´ve never seen anything from the designer Bareroots so I had a visit to their homepage and they do have some very nice things.
Anyway, wanted to say hello.
All the best,

Marie-P said...

I have lots of Bareroots stitchery patterns and love to stitch them!!!
I hunt them out at all quilt shows:-).

I love your PS design ~ great job!

Barbara said...

Your PS RR is wonderful, Heather!!!

Wendy said...

The Bareroots patterns reminds me of the Quilt Block of the Month I'm doing called Leanne's House:

There is a lot of embroidery done in each block section - very sweet and homey looking.

MysteryKnitter said...

I have not even heard of Bareroots.