Sunday, July 01, 2007

A new Tablerunner :)

Yesterday was such a perfect day. I woke up early and started a new table runner from that cute blue/white ocean fabric I got. I actually was able to finish it yesterday too! Here it is:

It'll be for my entertainment center in my living room, it matches our new remodeling perfect!
We then decided to go to the beach. The weather was amazing! I got a nice sunburn, the kids when boogie boarding, with my help. I got soaked, but it was so much fun. You have to drive through a forest to get to the beach we always go to, and we found her eating her lunch :)

We went to see Cannon Beach. We go here almost every time. We are in love with Cannon Beach!

On my way to the beach I finished up the Shepherd's Bush: Brave One into a little fob. I gave it to my neighbor. She is one of my very close friends, and they are moving away this coming week. I am heart broken. I will miss her badly. She loved it though, and I am glad! She likes quilting/cross stitching a lot too :) They are only moving a few hours away, so I hope we are still able to see each other often. I am just as attached to her as her 4 kids, why is getting a bit older harder? When you make friends, you make friends with them and their family. So if you leave, or they leave you will lose so many at one time. Okay enough of that now :)
Hope everyone is having a lovely day!


Barbara said...

If I lived anywhere near that beach, I'd go all the time, too!!

How wonderful that you and your neighbor (and families) are so close! It's sad that they're moving, but it seems like today neigborhoods are increasingly anonymous so I think it's really super-special that you're so close to your neighbor.

lena-lou said...

Great runner and I love the fob you have done for your neighbour, it is sad when friends move, I've been through that a few times !
Thank-you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy your week :)

Vonna said...

Whoa! I love that fob! I've got new Glory Gingher's and I'm going to make a fob for them...that's a great pattern...I'll have to see if I've got that one!
I know about the neighbor things...I am reallly close to two of our neighbors and I was just thinking the other day....I hope that they don't move anytime soon!
You'll stay in contact one way or the other, I'm sure!
The table runner is beautiful as is the beach you enjoy so well!

Carol said...

What a lovely fob! And, those scissors are rather wonderful too ;-)

Michelle said...

Great table runner - and FAST!! That beach looks so wonderful!

tkdchick said...

Beautiful photos!

Dawn said...

The runner is gorgeous! The fob is beautiful and I'm sure it will be cherished:)

Leena said...

The table runner is beautiful, congratulations! I like the fob too, it's so pretty. I'm sure your neighbour loved it :) Hopefully you'll be able to meet often in the future too!

Von said...

Oh, I love Cannon Beach too! We're blessed to have so many great beaches here in the Northwest - they're not so great to swim in tho, brrrr. Lol!

Your gift to your neighbor is wonderful - what a perfectly matched set! :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice table runner.