Friday, August 31, 2007

August Review, September Goals

August Goals

Stitch the August Bent Creek Snapper *yes*

Stitch a Shepherd’s Bush ornament for the SAL *almost finished one*

Put stitches in the Mermaids *no*

Put stitches in the Four Seasons *yes*

Get backing/batting prepared for wave quilt, and cousin’s quilt, and mail to the quilter *yes* Work on Grandma’s log cabin *yes*

Complete teal/brown Carpenter’s Star *yes, 8-25-07*

Buy batting and thread to finish log cabin, and complete this quilt. *got backing and batting, didn't finish*

Pick out chart to stitch for NRR *yes & started it*

Make another Carpenter’s Star, and finish. *no*

Work on my Block of the month quilt. *yes*

Make 2 birthday blocks *yes, made 3*

I can't believe I thought I'd finish 3 quilts this month HAHAHAHA! I must have a very high opinion of myself to think that :D

September Goals

Work on the Four Seasons

Finish 2 Shepherd's Bush Ornaments *yes*

Work on Grandma's Log Cabin

Stitch 2 Shepherd's Bush Ornaments

Finish Debby's NRR and mail it to Von at the end of the month. *yes*

Stitch September on the Bent Creek Snappers

I would like to make more goals, but I am not feeling ambitious at the moment LOL! :D

I've been having a great time with my family here. We went to the beach on Saturday, it was a lot of fun.

This is Tillamook Head Lighthouse, it is no longer in use, it looks kind of creepy huh? Anyway, it's pretty far out in the ocean, I really had to zoom in on it.
This is my little sister Nikki and I :D

I've been working on my grandma's log cabin quilt, and helping Nikki make a table runner. We have been enjoying our time together. Tomorrow we are making a trip to Fabric Depot, everything is 50% off! I need to get some fabric to finish my grandma's quilt top :) yay!


Barbara said...

What WONDERFUL family pictures!!!!!

Kendra said...

Tillamook, huh? One of my professors at Purdue moved to Indiana from Tillamook...he taught agriculture at Tillamook High School before getting his PhD and becoming a professor. We heard lots of stories from him about life in Tillamook. :-)

That lighthouse is neat...I've never been in a lighthouse (no need for them in the Midwest...LOL!) and I can't imagine being in that one, so far off the coast. Guess no one would bother you out there...ha ha!

Dawn said...

Love the pic of the lighthouse! Great pics of you and your family:)

Michelle said...

Great photos! Good luck with your September Goals!