Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December Review, January Goals

I’ve seen a few of you posting about how much you’ve gotten accomplished this year, and it’s great to see that! Everybody should give yourselves a pat on the back for all that you’ve done. Your creativity really has helped me to keep on trying new things, and to have a lot of fun too. Thank you for sharing what you make, and helping us along too :)

This year was huge for me, because I just really got into this blogging thing, then into the exchanging thing, and into some of the challenges. Wow, talk about great! It has really motivated me. I finished a lot of things, but don’t know the number of them, it’s hard to keep track :P

December Review

Finish Rob’s NRR and mail it to Von *yes*

Work on Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilt *no*

Work on Pumpkin Quilt *yes*

Work on Bittersweet Farm *yes*

Stitch November and December on Bent Creek Snappers *yes*

Made two tablerunners, JBW Designs: A Very Merry Christmas, two Pumpkin wall hangings for my sister and mom.

January Goals

Put final border on pumpkin quilt and mail to quilter
Finish top of Grandma’s Log Cabin quilt and mail to quilter
Start adding leaf border to Bent Creek Snappers
Start and Finish Vonna’s NRR and mail to Von
Work on Bittersweet Farm
Work on The Cape

I really want to finish the Bent Creek snappers this month, I doubt I will, but I’ll try :D

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