Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last week was fairly uneventful, I have determined when you buy a puppy, also go to the store and buy a carpet cleaner! Potty training has been fairly successful so far, but honestly... how can you get mad at a face like hers??? She is under the desk right now as I type this looking cute :)

I was able to finish Vonna's NRR this past week, I was pleased with it. Not much changed from the last photo, but here you go anyway. The house is from a Drawn Thread chart, and the rest from a LHN chart. Can't wait to see who's next :)

I was able to get my Grandma's Log Cabin top finished today, I also pieced the backing, so now it's ready to go to the quilters. I was relieved to have the top done, I've been working on it for awhile now.

The shop hop ended yesterday. I had one more shop to go to, and we drove out to it. I turned in all of my cards and my stamped paper verifying I'd visited the shops, so let's hope I win something :) It was really fun to do that, I obtained so many goodies :) Here is most of what I got! I can't wait to use it up :)

I started reading the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyers last night, and forced my self at 2:30 am to put it down, it was sooooo good. I woke up this morning and finished it. What a wonderful book, very romantic and intersting. I couldn't stop reading it, and thought about it all day today. I can't wait to get the other two books in the trilogy next week!! I love it when I find an excellent book. Tonight I am starting another new quilt. I am making two blocks first to determine if I like how it looks, then I'll go forward and start cutting it all out :) Also, I am working on The Cape cross stitch :) Busy busy! I hope you all have a great week ahead!


Zach 'n' Jack said...

ooooh she is so precious! Sorry I missed the quilting class, but I'll have to fill you in on my long day/week next time I see you. I never got to buy any fabric, and I'm waiting on a sewing machine until after I know how much $$ I owe in Dr bills.... can't wait to tell you about it!

Bliss said...

Oh how gorgeous! The MOTH & I have a new four legged daughter named Lucy. She's a labrador retriever too. She's 8 months old & has moved into doggy teens. LOL

Cheryl said...

The puppy is just so cute. My sister got a puppy last year and potty training was definitely the hardest bit. Worth it though!
Vonna's RR looks great. Your quilt is fabulous too!

Vonna said...

Well if your grandma decides she doesn't like the quilt, you have my address right?!
And I LOVE MY RR!!!! How sweet is that?!
Thanks you!!!
And that puppy...what a winner she is :)

Myrna said...

Everything looks great! And I love the bottom picture.... just a couple of cuties!

Have a great week!

staci said...

Great job on Vonna's RR! And your Grandmother's quilt is gorgeous!!!

Adorable pic of your puppy and DD :) Such cuties!

Andrea said...

Very cute pictures. I also like how you've got your name and location on the "NRR" (not sure what that stands for). Anyway, glad you liked Twilight. I loved it too. I'm interested on how you like the next two books. I was disappointed in the 2nd one, and the 3rd wasn't as good as the first (in my opinion).

Barbara said...

Potty training is one of the reasons I prefer adult dogs. ;)

Your shop hop sure resulted in some great stuff! Can't wait to see what you make with it all!!

Love the picture of your puppy and your darling daughter. :D

Itching To Stitch said...

Your puppy is adorable. Vonna's RR looks great and that quilt, oh my, it is sooooo pretty. I can't believe the amount of quilts you make. Nice job ;)

Nicole said...

I'm in love with your puppy! She is just a doll! I'm so envious! Labs are usually pretty good about training. Good luck! :)

Roxanne said...

That puppy is adorable! Of course, so is the little girl holding her. :)

I'm glad I found your blog--we have a lot of the same interests.

Jaimie said...

Hi Heather,
You just won an award!

Jaimie from Lavender and Lace

Marie-P said...

Ohhh, how I want a new puppy! :)
Your log cabin is beautiful, I am sure that your grandmother will love it.
Boy, you did shop your way through that "shop hop" ~ my fingers are crossed that you win any and all drawings!
Can't see Vonna RR pic, why?
are you starting a SAL in the near future? email me okay?

Michelle said...

Congrats on getting that quilt ready to go! I bet the shop hop was fun - I'd love to do that!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am happy the log cabin quilt makes progress.