Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Review, April Goals

March review:
Put final border on pumpkin quilt, piece backing and mail to quilter *YES*
Mail Grandma’s Log Cabin to quilter *YES*
Work on Star Lights Quilt *YES*
Add border to Bent Creek Snappers *NO*
Stitch an ornament *NO*
Old McMary’s SAL *YES*
Snapperville SAL *YES*
Work on Garden Exchange *YES, Done*
Stitch Margaret’s NRR and mail to Von *YES*

April Goals:
Work on Star Lights Quilt
Work on two Carpenter Star Quilts
Add border to Bent Creek Snappers
Make a baby quilt for friend Lori
Old McMarys SAL
Snapperville SAL
Work on The Four Seasons, and try to finish it!

This month is busy, my kids' birthdays are next week, and mine is at the end of the month! :D


Teresa said...

Good luck on your goals! The Four Seasons stitching is beautiful and I look forward to seeing it finished. Your children are as cute as ever!!

Take care

Marie-P said...

Good luck with your goals! Hey what day is your B-day????

jane said...

I have questions! I have decided to buy a new sewing machine. [I'm using a 1958 model.] It's actually still a good machine - singer - but I want one that does embroidery and monogramming and the what-ever-you-call-it that lets you quilt. What do you suggest? I can't spend more than about $600. I tried looking online, but I just don't know enough to know what to look for. Do you think I should try to buy something onloine or from a local store?