Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I’ve been getting lots of inspiration lately from blogs, you people like to keep my mind twirling with ideas… like this one for example. Sister’s Choice Quilts. I found her blog from another blog, and found this post, look at those mermaids! I had found some of this fabric a few days before, actually Jessie found it for me, and I obliged and bought some, thinking I’d make her a little bag. Well, I saw her post with that particular quilt and loved it… but I also think a version of the Bento Box would be excellent too. (click here to see what a Bento Box block looks like) I ordered more of this mermaid fabric, and will go buy a few yards of white and then try to decide which quilt I’d like to make :)

Heather Ross Fabric

And then Vonna’s recent posts have been fun with all of the ornaments she’s been receiving. I have pulled several ornament charts out and am trying to decide exactly what one to do, versus what 10 to do.

I really want to make this scrap bag, you put it next to your sewing machine as you are sewing along and throw the garbage in there. Right now, my “garbage” gets put next to my machine, then it usually sticks to everything, or falls on the floor. We always have threads hanging from our clothes, so this would be kind of nice don’t you think?


Just Jenn said...

Bolt on Alberta has a ton of this fabric right now... It's so cute!

Vonna said...

:o) My ornaments received, are pretty inspiring aren't they?! AND I keep telling myself...why can't I just stitch them for myself? Must I be in something to make myself stitch? Hmmm???
I'm going to try to just stitch for myself...we'll see....
I have one of those little trash collectors (orts 'n ends bags) that Marie P made me...LOVE IT!