Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Review, October Goals

I was a lousy blogger this month. Most of what I’m making is super secret you know, so therefore I can’t share much of anything. I did however get a few things accomplished this month. I worked on Old McMary’s for one! I went to my local shop Acorns and Threads one night a few weeks ago and worked on it for a few hours, and have been working on it at work when I can. I have the barn done, and am working on the big trees now.
And I pulled out Snapperland, I had to dust it too, as it has been months since I’ve worked on it :D I got the horse and barn stitched up, cute huh?
Also I started some Christmas tablerunners, and have a multitude of other things to work on too. I need to get going on Von’s NRR, finish an exchange I have with Leena, and start a Thanksgiving exchange. Now… we’ll see if I can stay sane with all of this work to do. I did get my Birthday exchange mailed off, as well as the SBEBB Fall House exchange mailed too, so I can share pictures of those when they are received. I want to get one of my Carpenter Star quilts completed in October, wish me luck!

After this month, I should have the NRR completed, and that will be finished for me. It’s been a long road on this NRR, it was more work than I had anticipated, I do love the outcome, it’s been fun seeing them all come together.

And just because it's cute, this is a baby elephant that was born at the Portland Zoo about 5 weeks ago, it's adorable, and I've gone to see him twice now :)
We've had a multitude of pumpkins growing in our garden, but they are kind of small. Curren has decided he wants to be a pumpkin patch for Halloween! It's hilarious! :D

September Review

Bind Pumpkin Quilt *NO*
Bind Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilt *YES, and Grandma Loves it!*
Work on Old McMary’s *YES*
Stitch one block on Snapperville *YES*
Work on Winter Stack *NO*
Work on Von’s NRR *YES, barely started it though*
Add borders to Curren’s quilt *YES*
Mail Birthday Exchange *YES*
Stitch an ornament *NO*

Also mailed SBEBB Autumn House Exchange, worked on Fall exchange to Leena, started 2 Christmas table runners.

October Goals

Bind Pumpkin Quilt
Finish one Carpenter Star Quilt
Work on Old McMary’s
Stitch one block on Snapperville
Work on Winter Stack
Work on Von’s NRR Stitch an ornament
Work on Thanksgiving Exchange


karenv said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs. The photo of your son and the pumpkins is brilliant!

Courtney said...

crap! gotta get to Snapperville again!! ;o)

yours looks great!!!

Kendra said...

Love the Snapperlan WIP...the horse and cow are so cute.

What is the full title of the pattern..or is it Snapperland (I'm showing my ignorance regarding these designs, aren't I?)? I'm interested in finding it for myself! You've enabled me... :-)

Barbara said...

Just LOVING these pictures! :D The one of Curren and the pumpkins is priceless!

Bliss said...

I love your site, but always love the pics of the kids best. Your gorgeous, gorgeous children and the pumpkins are super special. Lucky you!

staci said...

Old McMary is coming right along :) And love the photo of Curren with all the little pumpkins and the one of your daughter in your sidebar...so cute!!!

Lennu said...

Wonderful pumpkins! I can't grow pumpkins this north where I live, I just love those, they are so cute and so is Curren :) And the baby elephant :)

Your WIPs look so pretty too.

MysteryKnitter said...

Aww, what a cute little elephant! And your farm stitching is coming along just fine.