Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Exchange from Leena

I received a beautiful exchange from Leena last night. We have done a personal exchange, and wanted it to be fall themed, since we both love fall. She made me a beautiful wall hanging, it's finished so perfectly. I love it! Thank you Leena.

Leena stitched a Bent Creek snapper chart October, over one. It is so pretty, and then added the twigs onto it, it is amazing. I am trying to figure out how she finished it so perfectly, I can not do it, no matter how hard I try :)
Here is the whole exchange, she was so sweet and sent a chart from my wishlist, I will be stitching this very soon :D Also, she sent a heart shaped thread keeper, and lots of finishing goodies. I am a lucky girl yes?

I've been busy working on my Bent Creek Snapperville, I want to get one of the blocks stitched this month. I think I will make the goal. I also stitched up the ornament for Courtney, I am working on finishing it! And you know that little red & white bag I made? Well, it is breeding, 6 more are in the works for Christmas gifts :)

I wanted to share what Curren made for me a few days ago. This little heart was folded in half, and on the back it says "I love you so mutch!" I just about died from the cuteness of it, and it made me cry. He is such a sweet kid!


Kathy A. said...

Hi there. I am finally catching up on blogs so took a look back to see what I have missed. Wow, girl you have been busy. I love your personal exchange. so pretty and so appropriate. Curren's card just makes you smile - and what a cool zombie he was!!!
I just love your Winter Stack. I agree, that bear is just the cutest.
What a great job you did on Vons neighborhood. Her whole piece is stunning.
What lovely work you have done this past while. You inspire me.

Teresa said...

This is such a sweet post. You are blessed to have children!

Take care

Vonna said...

What a great exchange from Leena :) Love it!

And isn't kids and their cards and artwork just heartwarming?! I cry all the time too :)

Carolyn said...

Great exchange and I love the way Leena finished it. Cool!!

Gosh, the memories that came back as I saw the precious card you received. Even though my one and only child (son) turned 23 this week, I still have TONS of things that he made for me like this. They are truly my most prized possessions. Hug those sweet babies for me. :)


staci said...

What a precious gift from Curren...those are the best kind :)

mainely stitching said...

BIG smiles at Curren's gift. :D

And I love Leena's exchange to you.

Sharon said...

It's beautiful!

MysteryKnitter said...

What a great exchange! I mean the one with Leena.