Tuesday, December 09, 2008

November Review / December Goals

November Review
Finish one Carpenter Star Quilt *finished both!*
Bind Curren's quilt *yes*
Mail Von's NRR *yes*
Mail Thanksgiving Exchange *yes*
Finish Christmas Exchange *yes*
Work on Old McMary's *yes*
Work on Winter Stack *yes, finished it*
Stitch one block on Snapperville *stitched ½ a block…*

Also made several bags and pouches, finished a project bag, made the Gazebo quilt top, and worked on Cherie’s Quilt, and worked on the American Pie quilt. I was a machine in November, I am not sure what got into me? I couldn’t stop! :D

December Goals
Finish Gazebo Quilt
Work on American Pie Quilt
Work on Cherie’s Quilt
Stitch one block on Snapperville

I don’t want to overdo it this month, too much going on :)

I have lots of quilting & cross stitching projects lined up for next year, time to plan those goals for the new year!


Kathy A. said...

I am absolutely awed by the amount of work you managed to accomplish in November. A stitching machine indeed. Your New year goals seem manageable.

Carolyn said...

You never cease to amaze me with the amount of awesome projects that you get done! You definitely were a machine in November and you have some great goals for the coming year. I have no doubt you'll accomplish them all....and more!

Carolyn :)