Monday, December 29, 2008

Stiching 2009 goals!

Cross Stitching Goals for 2009 :D

Karen, once again, is motivating me to stitch from my "stash" I have all of the charts for the lists below, and most of the fabrics... so now I just need lots of time. I went through the list I made last year, and I didn't do all that well about getting things off of my list(I did a few), I stitched a lot of things that were not there, but that is okay. I finished three HUGE projects this year (The Four Seasons, Mermaids, NRR) so therefore, I give myself some pats on the back! :) Here is my list, to see how good I do in 2009.

My Current WIP:
1. Ink Circles: Gina, Queen of the Sea (currently WIP)
2. Hillside Samplings: Bittersweet Farm (currently WIP)
3. Old McMary’s Farm: The Workbasket (currently WIP)
4. Bent Creek Snappers (currently WIP)
5. Shepherd’s Bush: A Mother’s Heart (currently WIP)
6. Bent Creek: Snapperville (currently WIP)

See if I can do it! Come on dare me to! :)
7. Forest Snowfall: Little House Needleworks
8. Pineapple Threadpack: LHN
9. Acorns Threadpack: LHN
10. Christmas Mosaic Ornament: M Designs
11. Bent Creek: Summer Snapperville
12. Shepherds Bush: Sail
13 Forest Snowfall: Little House Needleworks
14 Shepherd’s Bush: Bee’s Fob
15 Shepherd’s Bush: Christmas Ornament
16 Birds of a Feather: Bloom Where You are Planted
17 Shepherd’s Bush: Americana Needleroll
18. CHS: Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
19 Hinzeit: Dash Away All
20. Sam Sarah: Bloom Where You Are Planted
21. Tournitocon: Christmas tree
22. La D Da: Sunshine
23. Homespun Elegance: Plant Kindness
24. CCN: Gingerbread Cottage

I'd love to be able to stitch some ornaments too, we'll see how I do on that. I was a lousy ornament stitcher this year. I hope to do at least 6 of them. I have some I could finish too. Leena mentioned she should "kit some up" so I think I'll do that, it's a good idea!


karenv said...

Good luck with your plans for 2009 :) I think kitting ornaments is a good idea - I don't quite kit up totally, but I have a wallet of fabric cuts, most of which are marked with the name of the intended ornament, which makes it a bit easier to grab supplies.

Chiloe said...

Happy new year !!!!!!!!! Hope you reach your goals in 2009!

Von said...

You have some worthy goals there, Heather!

Happy New Year to you and your family. :)