Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Stockings were hung

I've been brave this year and have tried lots of new things. Here is another new project I took on. I offered to make my babysitter some stockings, knowing full well that I had no clue how to make a stocking... but how hard could it be right? Yes... well it was a bit confusing at first. Luckily I made three, so each one got progressivly better :) I had a lot of fun making them, and want to make some for us next year.
She wanted a traditional looking stocking, and so that is what I made. The white fabric on top is really cool, it's shiny, but thin... it looks nice. I tried to get a good photo of it, but "shiny" is hard to photograph.
I will deliver them over to her house later tonight. Are you guys ready for Christmas? I got most of my shopping done now. I am trying to just relax the weekend. I did go to the mall this morning, but got the heck out of there by 11:00. It was already very busy by the time we left.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season :)


mainely stitching said...

These are beautiful! I wish I'd gotten nice gifts when I used to babysit! ;)

Arden and I finished up Santa's shopping while we were downtown yesterday. Ho ho ho!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh what lovely stocking! Nice job.
Yep, shopping is done finished it yesterday. Still have a bunch of ornaments to make up!

Linda said...

Your stockings are beautiful. And I love the size. My mother-in-law knitted mine and they are beautiful and family heirlooms...but they are HUGE! Takes a lot to fill one of those babies up...I've barely started shopping...this is the slowest I've ever been...Andrea's friend's mom, Linda

Vonna said...

LOOKS great! I think she'll love them!
Enjoying the Chrismtas Season is what I'm trying to do...always so. busy! :o)

Marie-P said...

Great job on the stockings! I have made a few...I should post a picture for you. If ever you need help on them shoot me an email. :)
Hope that you are enjoying the holiday~