Thursday, June 18, 2009

School is out!

Hey, guess what you guys??? School is out!!! I know, I should not be so excited about it, the kids should be more excited than me. I just am so glad because that means no more making lunches, no more getting up extra early, no more homework, for a few sweet months. I get to keep my kids and we get to relax and play. I am so happy. Here are my kids yesterday after school. Happy kids! I’ve been sewing again. I finished the top last night for the Pop Garden quilt. I found this pattern on the Crazymomquilts blog. Isn’t it adorable? I plan on making two of these, for Jessie’s bedroom. She has a bunk bed. And here’s a close up. I pieced the backing for it last night too, so I can just pin it all down and start quilting it sometime soon. I am going to use striped fabric for the binding. Then I’ll start the second one. I bought lots of extra yardage of this fabric for pillow cases, table runners, and curtains. It’s going to be one bright bedroom! A few months ago I bought a fat quarter pack of Shangri-La from Nicole at Sister’s Choice Quilts. She makes the most beautiful quilts, you must go and see her blog. She likes using the Miss Rosie’s quilt patterns like I do, and it’s fun to see what she is always up to.

So, I have started cutting up the Shangri-La fabric. I’ve loved this fabric ever since it came out. I made a small quilt out of it, and have it on the back of my couch. This quilt is from a magazine, and it’s designed by Heather Mulder Peterson. I’ve been having fun making it, it’s a little more slow going (lots of piecing). I’ve been doing easy quilts lately, this one has slowed me down. I am not complaining, just saying :D What are your plans for the summer months? Are you going anywhere exotic, or just sticking around home? We plan on sticking close to home. Camping, and the beach are what I’ve got in mind for the weekends coming up. Mark’s family is coming to visit next week. It’ll be a fun time! Mark’s sister had her baby on Monday, and all is well. I am so relieved. I am an Aunt again! Lucky me. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Meredith said...

Beautiful quilt for your daughters room! Your kids are just adorable! I feel the same - SO glad to have mine home for the summer. Their last day is tomorrow and then it's a trip to NC to visit my husbands family for a week. Then it's our town Recreation Camp from 9 am - 12 pm the month of July and lots of swimming and play time! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful quilts - I would love to learn how some day! Happy start of summer!

Kathy A. said...

Those two cute little faces look happy to be out of school.
Wow girl, you are in a quilting frenzy. I can't believe all the things you are working on these days. You amaze me.
Lovley quilts you have picked for Jessie's room. Just a suggestion - I did a border from scraps of the other squares and it looked cool. It might suit these quilts.Enjoy the lazy days of summer.

Anonymous said...

Heather, you have some beautiful quilts! The one you blogged about as your favorite on April 22nd is absolutely delicious! I hope you dont mind me adding you to my list of followed blogs. I love to peek around when I need inspiration.

Theresa said...

Just wanted to say hi and I love your quilts!
I've been getting into quilting again and enjoying it so looking forward to summer and having time to sew!
It's fun getting ideas from your quilts!

Siobhan said...

What gorgeous quilts & fabrics! Your kids are adorable. Enjoy your summer vacation. It's nice to have them in school but summer is a nice break, too, just being able to let them be, to enjoy each other & the weather and sleeping in and all that fun stuff. :)

Marie-P said...

Your kids look so happy and cute! I do hope that you all enjoy your summer vacation.
I cannot believe how many beautiful quilts you have created, you inspire me. Will you machine quilt this one yourself?
Enjoy your visit with the in-laws and congrats on becoming an aunt (again). I am sure you are anxious to the baby boy!

MysteryKnitter said...

Congrats! I mean the little prince, that is. He is your nephew. And the previously born princess is your niece. Am I on map? The quilt is lovely again. Your daughter will be so happy to have it.