Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another quilt, done!

Another quilt done, alright! I just needed to add the binding to it. This quilt is for Jessie's room, and I am making another one just like it. I got the pattern from CrazyMomQuilts, she was so kind to write it out for everyone. Thank you :) I like how it turned out. I used all Heather Bailey fabrics, and it's so happy and bright.

Last week we went to a local amusement park here in Portland, called Oaks Park. Our company has a picnic here every summer. This was the most flattering photo of myself I could find!
Our pumpkins are growing big this year! We planted seeds last year to grow "giant" pumpkins, and nothing grew, but this year... I think those seeds germinated all winter, because we have a giant one now!
I made myself a sewing machine cover last night, it gets so dusty sitting out all of the time. Isn't this fabric awesome?! I think it is :)
This cute little guy is Finn, my cousin's 7 month old boy. I almost kept him, he was such a doll!
And lastly but not leastly, this is a new baby quilt I am working on for my husband's friend. Bright and cute, gotta love it!


Cathy B said...

Heather, you turn out the most beautiful quilts!

Linda said...

Heather, I love how your quilt turned out. It is so happy and cheerful. And I love how the white sets it off to perfection. Beautiful!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Congratulations on finishing up your almost done quilt.

I just love your Sewing Machine Cover...that is just way too neat and way too cool. What kind of Sewing Machine do you have?

You do beautiful Quilting.

Siobhan said...

You are SO talented with that sewing machine! I love the new quilt, the quilt WIP, and the sewing machine cover is just too clever.

ROFLOL at your self portrait! ;)

Kathy A. said...

Girl you always amaze me. That is a beautiful quilt you made for Jessie.
I love the picture of you in the mirror!
And your sewing machine cover - wonderful.
I need you to come and keep my company so I can finish up my stack of quilting.

amandajean said...

that quilt is beautiful!!! what a perfect use for that gorgeous fabric. :)

amandajean said...

oh, and one more thing...i've always wanted to plant those giant pumpkins, but never did. how fun that must be for you and the kids to watch them grow!!!

Vonna said...

Lookie at that gorgeous, lovely quilt and those little peepers holding it over the bannister :)
I love that pumpkin that looks to be as big as Jesse!

Mel said...

I clicked over from crazy mom quilts, and wow, I love this quilt! The fabrics, the perfect it!!

Meredith said...

Heather - Your daughter's quilt is beautiful! I know she must love it! Congrats on the finish! Meredith

MysteryKnitter said...

Beautiful quilt once again! You sure have the skills!