Thursday, December 03, 2009

December is here...

Long time, no post. My house is still being “remodeled” which means I have not had my normal scheduled time to sew lately. I’ve been busy cross stitching instead! The year is almost over, and I’ve come pretty far on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I am really enjoying this, and will be sad when I finish. Can more blocks be created for it? :D Anyway… I finished the cute red house block. I am well into the glass bottle boat block now. I see myself finishing this block in December. If you want the details on this project, I started it in January of 2009. I am stitching it on 32 count linen, and using DMC threads. If you plan on stitching this someday, I recommend using DMC because there is so much thread on this, and the silks are so expensive. The DMC threads are really vibrant and bright. I have had to go to JoAnn’s often to buy more DMC for this project. I do think the silks would be very beautiful on this, but the cost, I just can’t bear it. I suppose in the end it’s a personal decision :) What are your thoughts on silks vs. DMC?

For the month of November the Schnibbles quilt pattern was “Picnic”. I wasn’t too in love with it after I finished it. It is growing on me though, and Jessie is in love with it… so she can have it. If you haven’t been over to Sinta or Sherri’s blogs to see the parade, get your buns over there and check it out! There are some very pretty Picnic quilts to see.

I was so excited last night, I found out I had won one of the giveaways (YAY!!!) I won the December Schnibbles pattern which is the Tuffets, and a charm pack from The Quilt Shoppe. This will be a really fun month, and I love making these little cushions for gifts. Look at how cute they are.
Christmas is right around the corner. My house is not decorated AT ALL. It’s decorated with hammers, nails, sand paper and paint. Look at what Mark the Awesome Husband has done to my kitchen. The color of the walls makes me smile every time I walk in there.

So, we’ll see if I can get any decorations up this month. For an early Christmas gift to our families I had the kids get their photos taken by my friend Jen Korth. She was visiting her old stomping grounds from Utah and we were able to have a photo session. She takes the most amazing pictures of children. I about died from the cuteness of them. What do you think? Are they not the cutest kids you’ve every laid your eyes on? (I am biased, of course). Have a wonderful December!!! I hope you get to see your families and enjoy your friends. Love to you all :)


Carol said...

DMC is fine for me. However I do LOVE sampler threads and use them a LOT! Staying away from silk because I spend enough on other threads, linen and framing! Your shores looks great and so does your kitchen!

Jackie said...

You're so brave to remodel during the holidays! The kids are adorable and I love the photos.

I love silk...ouch at the cost though. Your Shores really looks nice. I didn't think I wanted to do this but your pics are really tempting me!

Von said...

Oh I have a passion for silk, but DMC fits the bill (and my budget) most of the time. :)

Amazing pics of your kids!

Marie-P said...

What great pics of the kids! :)
I will need to read earlier post to see just what you are doing with your renovations but the kitchen looks really nice.
Shores is looking wonderful!

Nic said...

Shores is looking great!

I have to say, I'm not a fan of silks - maybe I haven't used the 'right' ones, as I know they all handle differently, but I don't really enjoy using them, and I'm not sure they add *that* much to a project - well not enough to cover the extra £££ they cost. In the UK, DMC is spendy enough on the big projects (RRP is £0.75 per skein -$1.25 US)

I do like the overdyes though - that's my extravagance!

Loraine said...

Cute adorable kids, indeed! Love the photos.
Your kitchen is looking wonderful as well. I love the color!
And shores....what can I say, but WOW! You are really cruising! I'm so jealous. I have so much to do on mine. I bought the Vicki Clayton silks for this project, which are much cheaper than NPI. Although, I really like NPI better, I think it is turning out great. I can tell that your piece is a lot more vibrant, and I love it! So pretty.
I guess it is personal preference. I love stitching with silks, but the cost is crazy sometimes. I think it depends on the desired outcome, weather you should do silks or cotton.
Keep going, you are almost done!

mainely stitching said...

The are very cute kids, but I have four that I'm fairly biased about, too. LOL. :D Great photos. Does your friend travel?? ;)

Wonderful progress on Shores! I love the DMC. Here in Europe, DMC and Vikki Clayton silks are actually about the same price, so I've enjoyed using her silks very much. Once we are back in the US, I may find myself using DMC more often, though. We'll see. I love NPI silks but the price is just too steep for projects like this!!!

Wendy said...

Shores is looking great and I love how vibrant the colours look in your pics! I am doing HoHRH in DMC too. I was thinking of ordering the NPI's for the new Christmas of HRH but when I saw the total price, I couldn't do it! Its just way out of my budget and I kept thinking of all the stash I could buy with that amount of $$. So its back to good ol' DMC for me!

Such awesome pictures of the kiddies!!! You will treasure these shots :-D

Karan said...

Good old DMC for value for money every time. Would love to use proper silks all the time but just can't justify the cost.
Fab family pics. Shores is looking fab. :0)

Béa said...

Congrats on your win, hope you will be more lucky than me : The Quilt shoppe never send the kit I won for october schnibbles :(