Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Winter Doldrums

I am glad that it is February, it means we are that much closer to March and spring. Winter in Portland is not very pleasant. It’s constantly overcast and raining. It kind of depresses me and so, I have been just feeling *blah* Do you ever get that way? I am in "feel sorry for myself mode." Here are the few things I’ve made progress on in the past week.

First up: Shores of Hawk Run, the last block. The fishes are going to take awhile, but it’s getting there! I need to get more movies to watch so I can finish this up…

Second up: The Spring Star quilt I am working on for quilt class. I hope to get this started with my class at the end of the month. Wish me luck in getting this top finished.
Third: Finding some new cross stitch projects to start when Shores is done. Can you tell I am excited to be finished with Shores? As much as I adore working on it, I am feeling ready to start something new…

In trying to cheer myself up, I made a list.

Things to look forward to this year:
We planned a vacation to West Virginia this summer, tickets are purchased!

Sisters Quilt Show is coming up in July, I have reserved a house and even signed up for a class and have invited 8 of my friends to come with me (so awesome).

The Lion King on Broadway is coming to Portland and I am getting tickets to see it, my kids will LOVE it. (I didn’t go to Wicked last year and am kicking myself for missing it).

I am doing some exchanges this year with friends.

***What the heck do I have to complain about???***


Dianne said...

I'm totally jealous of both of these projects! Wow Wow Wow!!!

Linda said...

You are so amazing! I can't believe what you're accomplishing while in the doldroms. (Thank goodness for "Redbox" and one dollar movies...) (Do you have that in Oregon???) I'm so excited to see your cross stitch finished.

KarenV said...

Shores is looking fantastic! Not too much more to do now.

Vonna said...

I know winter is hard on some people. It is that way with my husband. I sort of like it myself, but I'll be ready for spring again, when it gets here. I get sort of depressed in August for some reason? You'll pull out of it, you have too much of a sunshine disposition not to ;o)
But in the meantime look at shores! Going right along great! You've made BEAUTIFUL quilts and this one will be no exception! And just think...the Ground hog could be wrong! LOL!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for this post. I feel the same at this time of year and its silly because i really have nothing to feel blah about. Im going to follow your lead and do a cheer list :)

Katrina said...

I lived in Belgium for three years, same winters as Portland, it does get depressing. But then Spring comes and it passes :-).

Love your shores piece and your quilt, both are very pretty.

You will love Lion King! Wicked was also wonderful, if you ever get a chance to see it you should.

Deb said...

The last block on Shores! How great! Hopefully you can get through it quickly. Your quilt looks great too - such fun and bright colors.

And you are going to love the Lion King. I saw it on Broadway last year and it was fantastic!

staci said...

I understand what you mean about spring fever. I can't complain to much because we get so much sunshine...if I lived somewhere wet and grey, that would be really difficult for me!

Love your stitching and those quilt blocks are so colorful!

an encourager said...

I like your Madenline quilt shown in the Schnibbles Parade!

MysteryKnitter said...

LK is great movie, but prepare with a tissue anyway.