Monday, March 22, 2010

Using flannel backing on your quilts

I received a comment about flannel backing, and shrinkage. I am not a “pro” at this, but I do pre wash my flannel. I have heard from friends and blogs I’ve read that flannel shrinks quite a bit. So, I pre wash mine now. I like to pre wash it in warm water, and dry it hot, that way it gets the shrinking done before I put it on my quilt. Using flannel on the back of my quilts makes them so much warmer and cozier. I am a big fan of the flannel. I don’t pre-wash my cotton fabric, I have not had problems with bleeding, or shrinkage, so I don’t think it’s necessary (personal preference of course!)

Since I’ve been quilting my quilts using my domestic sewing machine for the past year, my quilts are now “thin”. I use the thin cotton batting. I buy mine pre-packaged from JoAnn’s, I’ve seen it on a big roll too, and you can buy it by the yard. I can’t store something like that, so the pre-packaged batting works best for me. You can’t use a thicker batting and machine quilt your quilts, it’s too bulky. So, flannel is a good option for backing to make your “thin” quilt warm. My kids tell me “I don’t like that quilt, it’s cold, it doesn’t have the fuzzy back” so even they know :)

I hope this answers any questions some of you have!

My sister is visiting for the next week and a half. We have been out and about a little bit. I will be taking her on our habitual trip to Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe out in West Linn this week. This shop I like to tell everybody about, it’s a huge dose of inspiration. They have a blog now Boughs of Holly, so be sure and check it out.

Quilt class at church is this Thursday, and there are some beginners. It has been fun getting to know so many other people and teaching them to make a quilt. I am not a very good teacher, but I am learning haha! My sister will be able to come to it too, which will be great. On Friday night I am having a sewing party. It has been too long since we’ve been able to get all of the girls together, it will be a fun night, I know it.

One more thing, a giveaway is going on for a Happy Campers Jelly Roll. Go visit Green Fairy Quilts, you will be glad you did!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

I haven't tried using flannel on the backs of my quilts yet, but I have thought about it...may give it a try sometime.

Have a great visit with your sister :)

Christina said...

Make sure and take her to Cool Cottons and Pine Needle, too!

I don't use a lot of flannel on my quilts, but I love the idea of it just for the backing to make it a bit warmer. Good idea on pre-shrinking. I will keep this in mind as I have a baby quilt planned for the future to make and want to put flannel on the back!