Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quilt #2 from Stash

Last December when the Schnibbles a month was pincushions, Carrie the designer at Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company chose me as the “winner”, and she sent me these two layer cakes.

She is super nice like that, it was the funnest package to receive! I am making three quilts from my stash for Christmas gifts this year. I already made Quilt #1. So, these two layer cakes were used to make Quilt #2. A layer cake consists of approximately 40 fabrics, and are 10 x 10 inches square.

I had the red sashing/border fabric in my stash, and I was happy it matched so well. Reds can be tricky. I did have to buy the backing, a soft red flannel. Making a coin quilt is very simple, I used the whole 10” x 10” square, so there was no waste.

I machine straight stitched using my walking foot a quarter inch from the sashing. Also, I lengthened my stitches just a little from the standard used on my machine. It helped a lot. My machine fed the quilt through much easier, and the stitching looks neater too. I’ve never done that before, and I will from now on.

The size of this quilt is: 88" x 61"

Okay, can you guys believe it is November??? Wow! We were all sick on Halloween unfortunately, my poor kids couldn’t dress up and go trick or treating, I felt so bad for them. We are finally feeling normal again, and hope to start on some Christmas gifts this month. At least I have this quilt crossed off of my list. Quilt #3 needs to be basted and quilted, then I will have them all done.


Faye said...

I read your blog all the time and although I am really a cross stitcher and not a quilter, I so admire what you do! The colors in this one is stiking and sounds like you even found a new trick in extending your stitch.... I may have to try that when sewing my thicker pillows together... Thanks for passing along your tips~~

Take care, Faye

Vonna said...

Look at your sweet little kiddos! I love the look on your son's face, he looks like he's saying, "Golly Mom, another quilt to hold up? I wanna play legos" :)
The quilt is beautiful and will be so warm an comfy cozy these upcoming winter nights!

Loraine said...

Fabulous quilt! I love the colors, and it looks really warm for Christmas snuggling.
So sorry you have all been sick. Hope you get better real soon. What a bummer!

Melissa said...

Just beautiful! You sure finish them quickly.

A Plain Path said...

Beautiful!! You did a wonderful job!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous!!! Congrats on the finish :-).

Melody said...

I, too read your blog all the time, but seldom comment. I had to post to say I love the colors in your Christmas quilt. It is beautiful! I have only made 1 quilt, years ago...all by hand. So, I am truly amazed with all the quilts you make. It's fun to see your kids in the picture too. It's cute to see them holding the quilts in your photo spot. :)

Just Jenn said...

Look, I blinked and you've made another quilt! Holy Cow Woman! It's really very lovely. ^^