Thursday, May 05, 2011

Stella Blue Friday

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!!

Dianne at Suburban Stitcher and I have been working on our Stella Blue quilts. I’ve been chipping away at a stack of Flying Geese all week. There are lots to make as I’ve talked about before. I like this part of the quilt making process, because it’s somewhat mindless. You can just sit down and start chain piecing these triangles to your heart’s content, and when you get bored, pick up something else for awhile.

These geese are all of the border geese.

I've started cutting the large star geese now.

I am using Rural Jardin fabric by Moda for this quilt. It is a fat quarter bundle, and I love that I am using so many different fabrics, it’s giving me the scrappy look that I like so much. I am also using Best Press, a spray starch on this quilt. I’ve never used spray starch, and lately I keep hearing about how much nicer it makes your fabric to work with. Since this requires a lot of triangles (bias cuts) I thought this is a perfect time to try it. So far, it’s been great.


Dianne said...

WAY more geese done than me! But I have finished cutting we're probably about the same. I got a lot accomplished last night, and I'm hoping to get more done this evening. ;)

Colleen G said...

Can I ask if you use the starch, pressing before you cut or after you press the blocks, or both?

KarenV said...

The Rural Jardin fabric is very pretty!

Just Jenn said...

I keep hearing about Best Press too... do you like it? I hear it also smells really nice. I've never used a spray before, just steam and a hot iron. The fabrics are so pretty for this quilt.

Angie said...

I love best press, it also helps take the wrinkles out of your fabrics before you iron them :-). I have found a new ruler I love to make my flying geese with. it is the Creative grids Quick Trim Ruler. It cuts off a perfect 45 degree angle, dog ears, and gives you a perfect 1/4 seam. It also is super non skid! I am not sure I will ever make a geese without it!