Monday, July 11, 2011

Gifts for Friends

There were 9 of us planning to go to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this past weekend, and only 8 of us made it. The weekend full of friends, sewing, food and quilts was very fun, and we were all wiped out by the end of it.

We planned a gift exchange, all of us make 8 gifts to give to each other. It was fun coming up with a plan on what to make. Here is what I came up with. Each pouch had a turquoise bracelet in them, they are my favorite bracelets to wear.
All of us at the house were: Colleen, Barbara, Charissa, Jenn, Jen, Jill & Petra. We first opened Jenn's gifts, she made us all beautiful bags, we were all pretty excited by them as you can tell.
Jill and Petra with their gifts.
Jen with her bag.
Colleen loved it!
My stack of gifts after we were all done, it was so fun.
This bag is SO Barbara.
I love my mermaids :)
Jenn and Charissa buried in treasure.
I have a lot more to share about our 4 day weekend, so look forward to more posts!


Leisha said...

How great it would be to have friends that like to get together and do the same things!! None of my close friends that live near me like to quilt or stitch and I am so envious of your pics! Looks like so much fun! Your quilts in your previous posts are awesome!!!

CJ said...

I was at the Sisters quilt show too!! I don't have any quilting friends but my husband drove me all the way there and took about 400 pictures for me. We had a great time. Love all of your goodies!

Dianne said...

fun! love your mermaid bag :)

Katrina said...

What gorgeous gifts!!! I love the little zippered bags you made and the mermaid tote is adorable.

Just Jenn said...

It was like Christmas in July - only better cause we didn't have to decorate and it was all quilty goodness! Your little bags were adorable... However the bracelet has been taken over by a little Miss. Heh. I'll have to sneak it back from her when she's asleep. ;^)

happy zombie said...

You guys are awesome!

Ellomee said...

Would love to know where (or how) your friend made that quilt print shown in your 'show-n-tell' picture!

Looks like an amazing time with friends!


MysteryKnitter said...

Nice! The wall hanging, the black and white one with text, that was awesome.