Thursday, March 29, 2012

Star Lights Quilt Finished

Well, a long standing UFO (unfinished object) is now, FINISHED!  I am thrilled about it really.  I finished this quilt top in May of 2008, so that was 4 years ago.  It's a huge quilt, a king size.  That is the reason it sat unfinished.  My friend Charissa pitied me, or got sick of hearing me complain about it, and she took it home and quilted it on her long arm!  I know, I have the best friends in the world.
The pattern is called Star Lights, and it is from a magazine, and honestly, I have no clue what magazine!  It was a fun one to put together, I think it'd make an awesome scrap quilt.  I believe that is what it was intended for.  I loved the stash of plaids I had though and used those instead.
Charissa quilted an all over pattern of stars on it, in a grey thread, which is perfect!  I have a dark blue flannel on the back.  I cheated and machine stitched the binding down, I wasn't about to hand sew it, it's too big.
I am happy to have this finished.  Charissa quilted this quilt and another one for me!  I know, she's great.  It still has to have the binding sewn on, so when it is done, I'll share it with you.  Yay for finished projects.  That left some room in my bins, so now I can buy more fabric *wink, wink*


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

it's gorgeous! way to go on finishing it up!

Gisela Suski said...

It is so so beautiful it needs to be on a bed.

Just Jenn said...

Just another reason Charissa is so awesome. =D
You should've given it to me, I would've hand sewn the binding on for you.

Longvacation said...

Very pretty! I'm a big fan of homespun and plaids so this is doubly delightful to me.

Suburban Stitcher said...

it's so pretty!!!!