Friday, August 17, 2012

Senior Quilt Projects

I have been working with the youth (girls ages 12-18) in our church for over a year now, and have really enjoyed it.  One of the girls is heading off to college to start her new life this fall, and we had to make her a quilt to remember us by.  We had all of the girls in the group help us make the quilt, which was fantastic!
Jessilyn went online and chose fabrics she liked, and of course Tula Pink was found.  She then researched quilt patterns, and found this link. Two Rectangle Squares.  So, I cut out the fabric and brought it to Barbara's home so the girls could start making the 42 blocks required.  Barbara teaches sewing classes out of her home, and has a SWEET setup in her loft.
The girls did SO well with it!  We were really proud of them.  It took two - two hour sessions to get them all done, but they stuck with it.  I then brought it home and put the top together.  Barbara quilted it on her longarm, and I put on the binding.  It was a combined effort, and I know Jessilyn loves it!
We had one more senior off to college.  Barbara helped her choose her fabrics, and I wrote up a simple pattern for her, just a square in a square.  She had minimal help from Barbara and pieced the quilt all by herself, and again, Barbara quilted it on her longarm, and then showed her the basics for binding, and she did that herself too!  I was so proud of her, that is awesome!  The pictures aren't as good, I only had a minute to snap a few photos.
I LOVE her color choices. 
Good luck at college girls!!  We love ya.

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Gisela Suski said...

Congrats to the graduates and the youth who helped make them. A great youth project, we bless our quilts and it gets to be an emotional service. The parent wraps the quilt around the student and they are blessed. Talk about tears.