Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Kitschy Quilt Finished

I was commissioned by a returning customer from my Etsy shop to make a "bright, happy and kitschy" twin size quilt for her daughter.  She wanted aquas, reds, yellows and pinks to be in it.  I was so excited to dive right into making this quilt!  I pulled out lots of fabric (thank goodness for my stash *wink wink*) and came up with this lovely stack to use.
I found so many patterns that would look good, but finally settled on "X-Rated" by Carrie Nelson.  The pattern is in her book Schnibbles Times Two.  I've made the small version of this quilt before, but have always wanted to do the bigger one!  I added rows to this quilt to make it bigger and longer.  So I changed the pattern a bit.
They were so pretty all lined up!!
It took awhile to piece, there were lots of rows, but the result was worth it.
And now it is ready to mail to its new home.  I quilted it all over with white thread in a swirly loop design.  It's a generous twin size, so it'll fit on a bed nicely.
I couldn't take very good pictures of it because it's winter in the Pacific Northwest.  Which means gray, rain, wet, cold.... not good lighting!  
I have been saving that large piece of pears and apples fabric forever.  I think that it's the perfect backing for this quilt!  I really enjoyed making this one :)


Linda said...

That turned out so beautifully! I love the colors, the pattern, the finished project!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely cute!

MysteryKnitter said...

Cute quilt!