Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cross Stitch finishes

So, when you cross stitch a lot, you tend to have some of your finishes languishing in a bin somewhere.  These two cross stitches were done in 2007 (6 years ago!!) and I finally made them into something.  It's a shame to have them sitting in a bin, not being seen.  Both patterns are by Little House Needleworks.

I needed to make a few pouches, and when I saw this wide mouth pouch tutorial over at Anna's blog: Noodlehead, I knew that they would be perfect.  Thank you so much for a great tutorial Anna!

This pouch is pretty large, and can hold a lot of things in it, I made the large version of it.
I added a few fabrics that matched the cross stitch, I love that purple!
Now to go and dig through the bin some more and finish some more of my cross stitch projects into useful items!!  

In other news, I finished several good books.  I always like a book recommendation, so I think you'd like these books.  My friend Barbara said I'd like The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.  She knew that I loved Downton Abbey, and the book is set in the same era as Downton.  It was a great read!  After reading this I read two more of her books, The Forgotten Garden and The Secret Keeper.  I think out of all of them The Secret Keeper was my favorite, but really, all of them were great.  Let me know if you've read them!  Do you have any recommendations??


Dawn said...

those pouches are really cute, and what a great way to use your cross-stitch creations! I've read two of Kate Morton's books -- The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden. They were both very good -- I'm glad to see she has written more!

Brigitte said...

So great, your pouches.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh, oh, oh...I love, love the little bags! Sweet!!
and thanks for the book recommendations, I've never read Kate Morton. I'm going to try one and see :)
I read Nora Roberts (actually I need to rephrase that) I have read everything ever written by Nora Roberts. My favorite series she ever wrote was called "Irish Hearts" . It is comprised of three books: Irish Thoroughbred, Irish Rose and Irish Rebel. I have read this series at least three times (probably more) because I just love it!

MysteryKnitter said...

So sweet little bags! You sure have skills!