Sunday, December 22, 2013

Boxy Pouch presents!!

These little pouches are super fun to make, and really addicting.  It's fun picking out the perfect fabrics for your friends, and filling them with goodies.  They make the perfect gift!  I tried a few different tutorials out and settled on this one being my favorite: Make it Modern - Perfect Box Pouch Tutorial.
The tutorial says to use pinking shears for the edges, inside of the pouch, so your fabric won't fray.  I love this method, it's faster than using the zig zag stitch to finish the edges off.  I have a 45mm rotary blade that works perfectly for this.
I also added the little pull tabs on the end of the pouch to help pull the zipper open.  My son drew everybody a Christmas picture to put inside, and I added my favorite chocolates.
Lots of fun to make!!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

PERFECTION!!! Love them!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I love them! They will make nifty gifts. How big are they finished? I think I will make up a bunch to use as gifts.

Jeanne said...

Very cute! I love to make bags, you can never have too many LOL

TarenJ said...

Hi! I have been wanting to try making a pouch for a while, but I'm scared of zippers...this doesn't look too bad though. I have a question. The step (7 on her website) that says to sew over the zipper a few times to secure it--how do you avoid breaking the needle going over the teeth of the zipper?