Saturday, February 28, 2015

Whirligig Quilt

This quilt is a labor of love.  Some quilts we make take a long time to do, and we are okay with it.  Really taking your time and enjoying the process of creating something beautiful is so fulfilling.  I agonized over this quilt, choosing the right fabrics, and really learning how to applique correctly was important to me.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

It took over two years to make this.  It is all hand appliqued, and hand quilted.  The pattern is called Whirligig, by Sarah Fielke.  It is in the book Quilting: The Little Things.

It took lots of scraps to make the leaves, and tabs around the border.
I used my favorite scraps, so cute!  Anything went, I wanted bright and happy.
I used Perle cotton thread for the hand quilting.  It's big and fun.
I hand quilted around the leaves, and stems.
I also hand quilted around the yellow flowers.

I'm now on the hunt for my next hand applique project!  I'm loving this quilt, it was just too fun to make.  If you like handwork, try applique, I'm sure you'll love it.


Rebecca said...

Love the color and the movement in this project....2 years its easy to lose track on where you are going with color Who am I kidding its easy to lose track on color in a week!
Love the quilting with the pearl cotton.

ruthsplace said...

It's a gorgeous finish! This one is on my list of "must makes."

Tracy Hansen said...

This is gorgeous!!! Beautiful work.

Marie said...

Oh my word, you did a beautiful job on this quilt. I fully understand the effort and time that went into constructing this beauty.
You have evolved into such a talented quilter, Heather. I am impressed beyond words. Have you been to International Quilt Market in Houston, TX? You would love it!

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome! I am speechless!

Jayne M said...

That is gorgeous! Love the tabs, what a great idea.