Saturday, January 17, 2015

Minecraft Quilt

My 13 year old son is obsessed with Minecraft, I know many of your kids are as well!  He has been talking for well over a year now about making a quilt for himself that was all Minecraft.  My friend Carla and her son made a fabulous quilt, you can see here: Minecraft Quilt  Thanks for the inspiration Carla!!

I made it big enough to fit his twin size bed, and it turned out pretty fun I think!  He was pretty happy with it, and has been using it ever since he got it for Christmas.  I wrote all about the process of making it below.

Curren loved their quilt!  I told him we could make one similar to it, but he wanted to add his character to it as well.  So, he spent lots of time choosing the exact colors using a Kona color card.
Here is his Minecraft character
Here is our layout, pretty simple!

We then went on a trip to Fabric Depot to get all of the fabric, he filled that cart right up!
I then cut out lots of 2" squares, and we started laying out the design.  To make perfect squares, and to make the piecing a bit easier I bought fusible interfacing with a 2" grid on it, this helped to make it look a lot better, and to keep my seams straight.
I made it in 10 x 10 sections, it helped a lot.  Here is the "dirt" section.
And now the tree trunk, body and sky....
I then put these two sections together, so it was halfway done.  
I then started the rest of it, I was already really tired by this point haha!  The things we do for our kids.
Here is the top almost done, I just needed to add the two borders.  
This Minecraft quilt was a labor of love.  It took a long time to make, and wasn't the easiest thing to do, but I am so glad I did.  Curren loves it, and it was so fun to work with him in making it.


Tanya Quilts in CO said...

What a fabulous project for you and your son! All of my students are crazy about Minecraft. Well done!

DreiPunkteWerk said...

An obsessed son and an obsessed mom meet and did great work!
Liebe Grüße from Germany,

Kathy A. said...

What an amazing quilt! My grandsons are also huge Minecraft fans. To have Curran so involved is a wonderful gift. Congrats to you both on an inspirational journey.

Loraine said...

What a great idea! It turned out great and he will love it forever!

Linda Nussbaum said...

What a fun quilt, Heather! And it's great that you both worked together so closely on the project!

Jayne Marti said...

What a great job you did! And what fun to do it together! My son is also obsessed with Minecraft so I am may have to use your quilt as inspiration for one of my own! I love how Minecraft is all squares, no fiddly applique curves necessary!

MysteryKnitter said...

That is awesome, Heather. Your son will love that quilt the rest of his life.