Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jessie's Horse Quilt

I LOVE horses, and have passed this onto my 4 year old daughter Jessie, who is just as obsessed as I am :D Yay! So, while I was visiting my husband's family in September I got to go to a lot of quilt shops, because my MIL loves to quilt like me. Well, I found horse fabric, so I bought... a lot of it. How could I not? Anyway, I came up with a simple quilt design for this fabric. It'll be a twin size for Jessie's bed, and it will be chalk full of horses!
Here is the design: It'll use 6 solid blocks (I have 12" panels with a horse on them), and 6 nine patch blocks.
Here is the 9 patch block:

And here are the solid panels, there are two designs.

This is the border, the blue and brown, the brown horse fabric will be the back of the quilt.

Isn't it so cute? Jessie will just adore it. If I don't steal it that is :D I plan on giving it to her for her birthday in April.


Alberta said...

That is going to be a beauty of a quilt! Looking forward to progress reports as it all comes together!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how pretty. Lucky daughter.

Wendy said...

Great fabrics - they look wonderful together. This is going to be a perfect quilt for Jessie!

Kendra said...

As a 2nd generation horse nut, who is carefully working on creating a 3rd generation member (ie, my 4 year old daughter), I have to say I really like that quilt. I bet my daughter would, too! :-)