Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Review, March Goals

My February Goals

To do for February:
1. Finish the top of Jessie’s Horse Quilt (just need to add a border) *done 2-5-07*
2. Begin the Trip Around the World Quilt for my cousin *bought materials, and mapped out the pattern, but haven’t started it yet*
3. Finish Bent Creek: February Snapper *done one 2-15-07*
4. Jayne’s Attic RR: Finish my 1st part, and mail it to Iceland by the 19th, begin on the one coming in :) –*finished stitching mine on 2/8, waiting to receive the next one still*
5. Work on the Mermaids of the Deep Blue, so I can keep up with Cindy :) *worked on them for a few hours, but totally didn’t keep up with Cindy*
6. Find design for USEBB Quaker Exchange and get materials for it. *found design and bought materials! 2/3/07, it is now finished too!!!!*
7. Find a ornament and finish it for the ornament SAL. *stitched Shepherd’s Bush, 2000 Years Ago*
8. Make 3 blocks for Birthday block exchange *all done!*

Things I did outside of my goals:*started and finished Trip Around the World wall hanging 2-10 to 2-14*
*finished the Shepherd’s Bush: Beehive needleroll*
*finished The Knotted Tree: Little Acorn*
*started the Blue/Yellow Log Cabin Quilt*
*started a gift for a friend*
*finished the USEBB Spring Quaker Exchange*

I was surprised at how well setting these goals kept me on track. Also, I did get several other things done. Another productive month, go me! The only thing I did lousy on was I let Cindy pass me up, she finished her Mermaids, which is so awesome! :) I am getting close, I can feel it! You know, if I hadn’t done a million other things those mermaids could be done, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Now, my March goals:

Begin working on my cousin’s quilt, get all of the squares cut out at least.
Make one Birthday Block this month
Stitch one of the Shepherd’s Bush ornaments for the SAL
Finish the Jayne’s Attic RR and mail it by the 19th of this month.
Finish Jessie’s Horse Quilt completely, piece backing and quilt it!
Work on Mermaids at least once a week.
Work on Gift for my friend
Start an exchange (I have everything, just need to start it!)
Stitch Bent Creek : March Snapper


Wendy said...

Great work on getting so much accomplished in February! Its one of those months when its far better to stay indoors with some wonderful handwork to keep busy.

Barbara said...

What a good job you've done!

Cathy said...

Great job - you accomplished a lot last month!

JoAnn said...

Wonderful job on your accomplishments for last month!